Learn, Motivate & Reward With ArtSkills Products From Dollar General

Back in my preschool teaching years I loved shopping for bulletin board items, incentives, stickers, and all the fun goodies I could find for my classroom. Now, as a mom, I get to continue using them with my young children. ArtSkills sent me their whole line of products that they sell in Dollar General and I was impressed with the quality and variety of what they have. Check out all the items below!




The Little Artist Work Frames will be great for all the pieces of art Lucas creates on a daily basis. I think both my boys will love playing with the “I Spy” Spinner and it’s color coded so they can use it by themselves even though they can’t read. We will use the Incentive Charts with the stickers to reward good behavior, helping out around the house, and sharing. The puzzles and lace & learn cards are small enough to be portable so we will be taking them on vacation with us to keep the children busy in the hotel room.

What is your favorite item above?

(Disclosure: As stated, I received the line of items to review but all thoughts are my own.)

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