10 Tips For Saving Money On Kid’s Clothes

One of my favorite things to do is shop for kid’s clothes and I love finding great deals on things that make them look even cuter than they already are. Clothes purchases can be a large portion of your budget if you let them so I wanted to share ten of my favorite ways to … Read more

Baby Budgeting For The Nursery Essentials

The following is a guest post by: Ashley White. Ashley is a blogger and self-described HGTV addict. She scours antique and resale shops for goodies to fill her family’s eclectic home in upstate New York. *** Babies need a lot of stuff — or so they say. While I was pregnant with Patrick, people —including … Read more

Boost Your Budget {January Recap}

Today is the final check in of the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge. To be honest we ate out less than we normally do this month but did not reduce our spending in that area as much as I had hoped. We did pretty good this last week of the challenge though. We only ate … Read more

Boost Your Budget {Week #4}

How is everyone doing with the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge? Week 4! Wow! This past week we failed at the eating out less challenge. I was sick most of the week and the rest of the family was sick some of the week, too. I used all my energy taking care of the kids, … Read more

Boost Your Budget {Week 3}

Welcome to week 3 of the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge hosted by Shopper Strategy and co-hosted by other bloggers, including myself. Not much is different from last week to this week in regards to our spending on eating out though we are doing better than when we started this challenge. Having groceries to make … Read more

Boost Your Budget {Week 2}

Welcome to week 2 of the Boost Your Budget Challenge with Shopper Strategy. {If you missed the intro post you can find the information about this challenge here.} How is everyone doing so far? We are doing okay here. Our goal was to spend less on eating out which we have done but did not … Read more

Boost Your Budget {Week 1}

Welcome to week one of the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge with Shopper Strategy and co-hosts Making Time For Mommy, Going Crazy Wanna Go?, Matter of Cents, Frugal Mom of Two, Joan, Mama’s Money Tree, The Frugalista Chick, Coupon Pals, How About Free, Sweeping The USA, Pary Moppins, Coupon Pals, Thrifty Divas, TheItMom.com, Mommies Point … Read more