Boost Your Budget {Week #4}

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

How is everyone doing with the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge? Week 4! Wow! This past week we failed at the eating out less challenge. I was sick most of the week and the rest of the family was sick some of the week, too. I used all my energy taking care of the kids, blogging, and working. Our house was a disaster all week and I didn’t feel like cooking anything. Thankfully Sinisa cooked some but he was working a lot so it was just easier for him to pick something up than to add to the mess in the kitchen.

Thankfully we are back on track after this past weekend. I am feeling better, our house is spotless, and I am moving into the week with the mindset that we won’t eat out any meals. :)

If you are participating in the Boost Your Budget challenge make sure to leave a comment below or link up your post. We’d love to see how it’s going for you! And remember, one lucky person will win a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate!

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