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Thanks for visiting! I’m Alicia, the author of this blog, and I love sharing bits of our life here and on social media. Back in 2008, when my oldest was only a month old, I started Making Time For Mommy as a way to make time for myself and meet other moms. I hope this blog encourages you to make time for yourself, gives you ideas for family fun, and provides easy tips you can incorporate into your busy life!

Our family lives in the Chicago suburbs and I’m the mom of three kids. My 12 year old, Jacob, is my smart and funny sports player who also loves listening to and playing music. Lucas, who is 11 years old, is my sweet and cuddly dancer and Special Olympian gymnast (who also happens to be on the Autism Spectrum). Emma Noelle, our youngest, is two and is just the sweetest little girl whose smile brightens our days. She loves coloring, cuddling with her cats, and going for walks.

When we are not at a sports game or practice, our family loves to have movie & game nights and explore the Midwest on day-trips together. My favorite things include the beach, to-do lists, traveling, football, and meals by the water.

If you want to chat you can reach out to me on Twitter (@aliciamarie112) or email ([email protected]). I love connecting with other moms!


Email: [email protected]



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  1. Hi Alicia – Just stopping by today for the Blog Tour :) You have a lot of stuff on here – hope the tour goes well for you. My site, LoobaLee.com, will be featured on July 29. I hope you’ll stop by — since you have little ones!


  2. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is hosting a cocktail event in honor of BlogHer Conference attendees, and we’d like to send you an invitation. If you are interested, please let me know where we can email you.

    Thank you!

    • I emailed you at the email addy you provided but my email is: aliciamarie112 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I would love to attend! :)

  3. I just saw a small comment in an email about Sensory Processing Disorder. I don’t know if it is you or a child. People think I am kidding, I can not tell if I am hungry or full. I need to eat on a schedule and a fixed amount. I actually set an alarm to eat or I wouldn’t. If I miss a meal I get really out of whack because I don’t know how much to eat or just forget it and go to the next meal. I have trouble starting to eat because I am not hungry and I have trouble stopping eating because I like the taste and do not feel full. I never put a name to it and I am 65 and have long ago given up asking doctors about it. Thanks for a possible name.

  4. Hi, Alicia. I just found you on Twitter tonight. I am smili76. I am in the Chicago area. We use ABAChicago for our son’s therapy. They might have suggestions for you in terms of getting coverage for your son.

    Where did you go for your son’s diagnosis? We went through Alexian Brothers, and our neuropsych gave us oodles of resources. I can send some your way, if you’d like.

    How old is your son? Mine was 5 at diagnosis this past April. But we kind of knew all along…

    Good luck!

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  6. Hi- just letting you know I will be sending a mom friend of mine to your blog- she has an Autistic son and may benefit from some of your info. Thanks!

  7. Hello, I am just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for all of the great info. you provide us on here! I am new to your blog and am happy that I stumbled upon your page! Thanks for all of your hardwork and for offering such great product reviews and giveaways!! I look forward to meeting and chatting with some of the other followers!

  8. Hey Alicia – Great content here – twitter & pin. Your story is touching and just know you got a new fan. I’m not a mommy I’m a Da :)

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