Boost Your Budget {January Recap}

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

Today is the final check in of the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge. To be honest we ate out less than we normally do this month but did not reduce our spending in that area as much as I had hoped. We did pretty good this last week of the challenge though. We only ate out once and that was because we left really early one night to go to Disney on Ice and we had to grab McDonald’s on the way there and then I had a slice of pizza while there because my little cheeseburger did not fill me up. Jake got some treats, too. Other than that we resisted the urge to grab food while we were out so that was a big accomplishment for our busy family.

How did you all do? I would love to hear about how your month long journey went. You can leave a comment below or link up your post. Remember, everyone who does so has a chance to win a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate! :)

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