Timbavati Wildlife Park {Wisconsin Dells, WI}

While we were in Wisconsin back in June we received free tickets to Timbavati Wildlife Park from our hotel. The park had just reopened and I could tell that it wasn’t finished yet because there were a lot of empty areas. I know the Dells are known for their water parks but it was nice to get out and enjoy nature while we were there.

The boys favorite animal was the lion.

My very favorite exhibit was the giraffes because people could feed them! There was a table set up with little cups of food for the giraffes that people c0uld buy. I don’t know how things will work when the zoo gets busier but I loved being able to pet the giraffes. I mean, how many people can say they’ve done that?!


Aren’t these giraffes just gorgeous? This was definitely a favorite of my Wisconsin Dells visit.

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