2013: My Year In Review

This past year has been amazing and (in typical blogger fashion) I wanted to write a blog post to share the highlights:


2013 was a year of growth for my family. We went on our very first family vacation to Wisconsin Dells and had a few other mini-vacations after that. The boys spent the summer at summer school and camp and enjoyed weekly field trips with friends. They kept us busy from Spring to Fall with sports and activities including football, basketball, soccer, tball, swimming lessons and Awana. Jacob started Kindergarten and amazes me every day with his knowledge. He is starting to read and that is so exciting! Lucas started his second year of preschool and has changed so much since last school year. He started school this August in a classroom specifically for children with Autism and now, mid-way through the year, is spending half of his day in that classroom and the other half of his day in an inclusive classroom with the help of an aide. I am so proud of how far he has come!

Sinisa has had a hard year with the loss of his mom this summer. He recently started a new job and is enjoying it so far. Along with working and blogging, I started teaching Sunday School again which I love.

We had a wonderful {and simple} Christmas season and enjoyed hosting a Christmas day family get-together. Sinisa traded in one of our cars and surprised me with my dream vehicle- a minivan! It is used but I’m excited about having a vehicle with so much space. Christmas break has been spent at home, cuddling together and playing board games. The perfect way to spend our days off!


In 2013, I went full-time at work {meaning I was an “official” employee and no longer contract} and became the manager of my department. I love being able to do what I do and am blessed to be able to work from home with amazing people. In the Spring we held our first blog conference which brought me to Arkansas to visit and I got to check out our headquarters. I’m really looking forward to SoFabCon 2014!


This year I celebrated my 5 year blogiversary! What started as me blogging about my goals with no intention of anyone ever reading what I wrote turned into a business. In 2013, my blog took me to Wisconsin Dells, Branson, and even to Jamaica! I’ve been blessed to work with some great brands on some amazing projects, review some amazing products, check out some great local events, start new Ambassadorships, and have my first spokesperson gig. I’ve also enjoyed writing about things that interest me and sharing my heart with you all.

I thought it would be fun to share my top posts of the year. I had some roundups and giveaway posts that did really well but other than those my top posts this year were:

I found it interesting that most of my popular posts were older posts. Many were children’s activities which I love doing and (having taught preschool in the past) have many more ideas for, so I will try to add more of those in every month. I hope you all have enjoyed reading my blog this past year and I look forward to 2014 with you all!

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