Tot School- Winter

Update 1/2021: A new winter themed lesson plan can be found here with over 40 ideas!

This week’s theme is: Winter

Here are a few of the activities that I have planned:

* Bring the snow indoors- It is supposed to snow tomorrow so we will be bringing snow into the house. We will use a bucket to fill the sink up and sand toys to play in it.

* Coloring a snowman printout from Confessions of A Homeschooler

* Song- “I’m a Little Ice Cube” from A to Z Kids Stuff website

* Chalk winter themed picture- Use white chalk on a blue piece of paper

* Cutting practice sheets from Confessions of A Homeschooler

* Winter themed board books

* Snowman Craft- gluing cottonballs onto a snowman shape

* Play with white playdough

* Footprint snowman from


Looking for Valentine’s Day themed ideas? Find my Valentine’s Day lesson plan here.



Updated winter themed lesson plan:


3 thoughts on “Tot School- Winter”

  1. I am inspired by your menu plan post. I have tried it tons of time and by tried it I mean printed a calendar that I was gonna write the menu on. I am inspired. I may copy your menu exactly for ease. I hope you dont mind.

    • Thank you for your comments Lori :) Go ahead and copy my menu plan. Everything is really simple and not much cooking is involved because I wanted it to be really easy for the boy’s dad to make :)


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