DIY Cat In The Hat Socks {Silly Sock Day}

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The next two week’s at Jacob’s preschool will be filled with Dr. Seuss inspired activities. Tomorrow is “silly sock day” so I set out to make Cat In The Hat socks.

I grabbed a pair of white socks from his drawer, wrote “CAT” on one and “HAT” on the other, and cut pieces of ribbon to wrap around the tall white sock. I used Glue Dots to stick the two sides of the ribbon together.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Have a bit more time? Check out these ones I found on Amazon (affiliate):

2 thoughts on “DIY Cat In The Hat Socks {Silly Sock Day}”

  1. My girls each wore one striped and one polka dot sock. The boys decided not to participate today. Tomorrow the wear thier favorite ‘place’
    t-shirt then its hat day and all green day and friday is pajamas to school day.
    I found tall felt hats in the dollar bin at target – they were meant for st patricks day but the shamrocks etc came off easily and we have cat in the hat type hats for all of them wirhin budget


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