Jewelry That Can Dress Up Jeans & T-Shirts

(Disclosure: I received a piece of jewelry from but all thoughts are my own.)

I’ll be honest…I don’t dress up very often. Most days I’m wearing yoga pants and a comfy top that supports my favorite football team. My “dressed up” usually means jeans and a nice shirt so I wanted to check out for some pieces of jewelry that can be paired with them.

Here are five cute pieces I’m loving:

Ocean Breeze Ombre Necklace


Lace Earrings


Faith Leather Wrap Bracelet




Gold & Crystal Hoop Earrings sent me these gold hoops and they are just what I wanted! They can work with a dress but also look great with jeans and a t-shirt.

What are your favorite pieces to pair with everyday outfits?



  1. Jennifer Hiles says

    I’ve never heard of I really like the Faith Leather Wrap Bracelet. I will have to check them out and maybe find some stocking stuffers!

  2. I don’t dress up much either. I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl. I love the Faith Leather Wrap Bracelet and the Gold & Crystal Hoop Earrings. Along with Jewerly, a nice belt can really make an outfit pop.

  3. I’m loving the ocean breeze necklace. That piece could either be used to dress up or dress down an outfit.

  4. Some great ideas. Super cute.


  1. Jewelry That Can Dress Up Jeans & T-Shirts…

    (Disclosure: I received a piece of jewelry from but all thoughts are my own.) I’ll…

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