The Bible in 90 Days Post I Should Have Wrote Months Ago

Months ago I decided to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. I declared it would be easy, just 12 pages a day. It started off well. I was excited. I told everyone who asked about it what I was doing. The idea sounded great…

Honestly though? I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready for such a big task spiritually. Though I had been praying daily and going to Bible study and Church weekly, I hadn’t been spending much time with God. When I saw the challenge I thought it would get me back into the Word. I thought that this challenge would force me to spend time reading my Bible…

Did you see that word I used in the last sentence? Force. I needed something to “force” me to spend time with my Father, reading a Book that I should have read long ago. That word right there should have told me I wasn’t ready. More than not being ready, it should have shown me that I was going about it all wrong.

Did I pray about the challenge before signing up? Yes. Did I listen for God’s answer? No. Maybe if I would have asked Him He would have told me to wait and showed me instead what He wanted to do. Maybe He would have prepared me for the challenge if I would have asked. Maybe He would have said yes, and reminded me to lean on Him when I was tired and weary and then the reading wouldn’t have been such a challenge to find time for.

I liked the idea of the “challenge” and jumped in before really asking God what He thought. I’ve tried to be more in tune with God’s will for my life lately. I’ve been spending more time in prayer, been trying to check in with God hourly, reading small bits of the Bible daily, and am trying to work on some areas of sinfulness in my life. I know that the Bible in 90 Days Challenge is being done again in July and maybe I will be ready to take on (and complete) the challenge then. Whatever I do I know that I will need to ask God to help me through it because it’s a lot bigger task than I thought it was and the only way I would get through it would with be with Him carrying me.

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  1. Wow, that post was from the heart. I’m glad that you weren’t discouraged by it, just more aware that we all need to listen to God more. I’m so guilty of this.. (sigh)

  2. I could have wrote this post myself. I was so excited at first but only made it to about day 11 until life got in the way. I am really wanting to do the whole challenge but I think I need to pray and wait for the answer the same as you.

    I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for linking up with Saturday Sound Off!

  3. Hang in there. I am glad that you are not discouraged, but instead being honest with yourself and still willing to take on the challenge.
    Reading the entire Bible in 90 days is a tremendous task… very few Christians have read the entire Bible… And many fewer in 90 days.
    Try to get yourself into a good routine of meeting with God daily and at a set time… and then you’ll really be ready to roll with us in July… or whenever the time is right. :)
    Thanks for your honesty. I am proud of you.

  4. You’re very honest :) I can sure identify with praying but not listening for the answer. I pretty much expect the drive-thru answer so I can get on with my day.
    It really is a daily, hourly, on going ‘checking in’, isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. I just found your post as I have been reading through the information about the 90 day challenge. My life has been sadly lacking with regard to realiance on the Lord on a daily basis. I am intentionally unaware of the neccesity of daily Bible reading and often feel a lack of presence from the Lord in my life. This deeply sadens me and I have been fervently searching for a solution to my self proclaimed problem. When stumbling upon the 90 day challenge, I, like you, thought of it as an opportunity to “force” myself into the word. I am convinced that this is not the appropriate way to approach God in our relationship. I know that He loves me, and that it is His desire for me to be dependent on Him and participate in our relationship rather than just showing up when it’s convinient for me. Your post has allowed me to see it from another perspective, and helped me to remember that I can’t please God by “forcing” myself to learn more about Him. While the Lord does want me to be in His word, I believe that He wants me to want to be in His word. Doing it out of obligation or fear is not quite the same as being driven by an uncontrollable love for Him and an earnest desire to know His will for my life. So thank you, for your honesty and your willingness to share your struggles with the world. Your vulnerability has been a blessing in my life. I will be seeking the Lord for His guidance in my life, and waiting patiently for an answer.

  6. I absolutely understand what you wrote there! But I think God sees our heart and how we try to please and walk in His ways. Thats what matters!

  7. I think it is great that you are trying to do that! I know that it is hard, and sometimes we do try to take on too much. God is happy that you are trying! :) Most people have not read the entire Book. It is HUGE! There are so many great things in the Bible. Dont give up, try again!


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