FREE 40-day eBook Devotional

I heard about this ebook devotional from the MOB Society and just had to go check it out. The Seed Company is offering a free 40-day devotional for people to use during Lent. I was unfamiliar with The Seed Company so I poked around their site a bit.

Did you know that nearly 2,000 languages – 300 million people – worldwide still do not have one verse of scripture in their language? I mean, I knew there were some people that didn’t have it, but 300 million? That number is too high. I literally have tears in my eyes right now at the thought of all those people who have never, ever heard the word of God. 300 MILLION.

I knew I had to do something. An obvious way to help is to donate money. Another way to help is by praying. The Seed Company wants prayer partners for the different projects going on throughout the world.

While you are on the site getting your free devotional, I’d ask you to take a look around the site, check out the prayer requests, and, if you feel led to, sign up to pray for this vital ministry.

Cozy Up With A Book Hop {Giveaway}


This blog hop is hosted by Mommy Reads Too Much and EReading On The Cheap and features over 50 blogs, all giving away book related giveaways.

I am giving away a great book for teachers, Prayers From A Teacher’s Heart by Vicki Caruana. {If you aren’t a teacher still enter- this would make a great gift for your child’s teacher or another teacher in your life!}

From the back of the book:

You Can Change A Life…

One Student and One Prayer at a Time!

Where do you turn for help in moments of discouragement? Decision? Disappointment? Demand? Who is there to celebrate with you in times of discovery and delight?

Friends, family, colleagues, and yes, students can be wonderful sources of encouragement and support. But no one can touch us with the depth of grace and mercy as our Heavenly Father.

He brings peace, comfort, strength, and renewed vision to every challenge and situation we face as teachers. Prayers From A Teacher’s Heart is designed to help you bring your joys and sorrows, victories and defeats before the One who knows you best– and loves you most.

As you pray, you will notice a sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, yet always real difference in the lives of your students. But the biggest difference will begin in your heart as God changes you through the power of prayer.


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Holiday Weekend Blog Reading

Just wanted to post links to my recent posts on the two sites I contribute to weekly. is a “national network of frugal bloggers whose goal is to share their knowledge of living inexpensively”. I write about charities. Some of my recent posts include:

*Creating Art To Feed The Hungry (The Bread Art Project)

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The other site I contribute to is called Seeds of Faith and I write about things I’m thankful for. My three latest posts are:


*Quiet Time

*New Beginnings

Do you have any posts you would like to share with me?

How Can I Pray For You Today?

Since today is the National Day of Prayer I wanted to take a chance to ask you all how I can pray for you. Please leave a comment with your prayer requests or email me at aliciamarie112 {at} hotmail {dot} com if you prefer to keep your requests private. It’s also completely ok to ask for prayer for an unspoken request since God knows all our needs.

Also, I am always available to pray for you (or with you via skype) so please don’t limit your prayer requests to this one day.

The Bible in 90 Days Post I Should Have Wrote Months Ago

Months ago I decided to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. I declared it would be easy, just 12 pages a day. It started off well. I was excited. I told everyone who asked about it what I was doing. The idea sounded great…

Honestly though? I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready for such a big task spiritually. Though I had been praying daily and going to Bible study and Church weekly, I hadn’t been spending much time with God. When I saw the challenge I thought it would get me back into the Word. I thought that this challenge would force me to spend time reading my Bible…

Did you see that word I used in the last sentence? Force. I needed something to “force” me to spend time with my Father, reading a Book that I should have read long ago. That word right there should have told me I wasn’t ready. More than not being ready, it should have shown me that I was going about it all wrong.

Did I pray about the challenge before signing up? Yes. Did I listen for God’s answer? No. Maybe if I would have asked Him He would have told me to wait and showed me instead what He wanted to do. Maybe He would have prepared me for the challenge if I would have asked. Maybe He would have said yes, and reminded me to lean on Him when I was tired and weary and then the reading wouldn’t have been such a challenge to find time for.

I liked the idea of the “challenge” and jumped in before really asking God what He thought. I’ve tried to be more in tune with God’s will for my life lately. I’ve been spending more time in prayer, been trying to check in with God hourly, reading small bits of the Bible daily, and am trying to work on some areas of sinfulness in my life. I know that the Bible in 90 Days Challenge is being done again in July and maybe I will be ready to take on (and complete) the challenge then. Whatever I do I know that I will need to ask God to help me through it because it’s a lot bigger task than I thought it was and the only way I would get through it would with be with Him carrying me.

WFMW- Prayer

So many of my friends and family members are hurting lately. They’ve experienced the death of a loved one, miscarriage, illness, job loss, divorce. So much pain that I can’t fix. Sometimes I wish I just had a magic wand and could make all of their problems disappear but, as far as I know, that wand doesn’t exist.

When I hear that a friend is going through a hard time I usually don’t have many words to say other than “I’m sorry”, “let me know if I can help” and “I will pray for you”. All of these words come with good intention and from my heart. I am sorry, I do want to help, and I will pray for them…. or do I?

I’m going to be honest here. Many times I found myself saying I would pray for someone and then making a mental note to do so and mommy brain attacked and I forgot. It’s not that I didn’t want to pray for their need. It’s not that I didn’t intend to. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the time I would plan to do it “later” and would forget exactly who and what I had to pray for. I would forget about the lady from my MOPS group that asked me to pray for her friend with cancer. I would forget about my friend’s cousin who was going through a nasty divorce. I would forget about a friend’s brother-in-law who was hunting for a job. All needing my prayer, all forgotten.

I decided that what “works for me” would be to STOP what I was doing and pray right then. Many times I am sitting at my computer and a prayer request pops up on Twitter or Facebook and I have found that it’s best if I pray when the request is fresh in my mind. I can then say “I did pray for you” and not just “I will”.

Along with this I started keeping a prayer journal to write down prayer requests. I bought a cute composition notebook at Target and keep it on my desk at home by my computer. It’s also great when you can see God’s answer to prayer (note: I said his answer which may not always be what we want it to be or think it should be.)

So what works for you when it comes to the topic of prayer?

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