Potty Training Resources

Lately I have been thinking about potty training my toddler who is 21 months old so I did some searching online for resources. Below are some links to resources I found. If you have written anything on potty training please feel free to provide a link to your post in the comments or if you have any potty training tips I would welcome those, too.

-“Tinkle Tinkle Little Star” Song

Step by Step potty training article from Pampers online village

-Awesome post from ‘Little Llamas’ about their potty training experience and what worked for them

Potty training readiness checklist (some signs to look for in your child)

-A list of 10 books for children on using the potty

-Here’s a list of potty training dont’s

10 ways to prepare your child for the potty

-Huggies pullups “Big Kid Central“- Jacob loves the potty dance!

3 thoughts on “Potty Training Resources”

  1. I do a chart with smiling faces, every time they pee or poop with put an sticker. Another thing we do is when they pee or poop they use the computer with some kids programas and they love it.

  2. Thanks for these links (yup, I know this is an ancient post but…) they really helped with my research. I’m putting together a piece about different potty training techniques.

    Awesome job!


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