Saturday Stumbles

Here are some wonderful posts I stumbled upon this past week:


Homemade Gummi Candy at Skip To My Lou


Crustless Quiche In A Cup at Cooking With My Kid

Good read:

All I Really Needed To Know on Babble

For Moms:

Only Mommy Will Do by Life Nurturing Education

For Dads:

7 Traits of Real Men by Mocha Dad

For Parents:

The 5-Minute Solution by Scott Noelle

For Homeschoolers:

School Room Week at Heart of the Matter

And the product that makes me go “huh?”:

Baby Bucket

Holiday Weekend Blog Reading

Just wanted to post links to my recent posts on the two sites I contribute to weekly. is a “national network of frugal bloggers whose goal is to share their knowledge of living inexpensively”. I write about charities. Some of my recent posts include:

*Creating Art To Feed The Hungry (The Bread Art Project)

*Give Money By Playing Games

*Become A Mentor, Change A Child’s Life

The other site I contribute to is called Seeds of Faith and I write about things I’m thankful for. My three latest posts are:


*Quiet Time

*New Beginnings

Do you have any posts you would like to share with me?

Top 10 Favorite Places Online

Below are the 10 places that I frequent most online. I will go into detail about all of these sites in future posts but I just wanted to share them with you in case you have never heard of some of them.

1. Meetup– This site is great to find local groups of people that have things in common with you. I am a member of some moms groups and we have a message board where we can connect online but then we can also “meetup” in real life. I absolutely love the groups that I’m in and am thankful for all the wonderful friendships I’ve made.

2. Facebook– I love facebook because it keeps me “in the know”. I can stay in touch with family and friends that I don’t see very often.

3. Twitter– Most of my Twitter “friends” I don’t know in real life but the connections I’ve made and the opportunities that have come up in tweets is the reason why Twitter has quickly replaced Facebook as my “go to” networking site. (I should also add here that I never really use the twitter site but view my twitter account through tweetdeck.)

4. Hotmail– I know a lot of people are partial to gmail but I prefer hotmail.

5. Blogs- I love blogs because if there is a topic you want to read about you can probably find someone blogging about it and if you can’t then you can start your own blog. I frequent parenting blogs and Christian blogs but there are some great photography blogs I love looking at, too.

6. WordPress– If you do decide to start a blog I recommend using wordpress.

7. Craigslist– Craigslist has gotten a bad rap lately because of their “adult” ads but I use the site to find garage sales and used clothing and toys for my children.

8. Etsy– This site has the cutest handmade items for children, adults, and the home.

9. Marketing Groups- I’m a part of about 15 marketing groups and I use them to find great products for reviews and giveaways. (Be sure to come back in June for our “birthday bash” where we will feature a new product every day and will celebrate with lots of giveaways.)

10. Foursquare– This last one I’m just starting to use. Due to safety reasons I do not use it in the town I live in nor do I use it when my children are with me but it’s fun to “check in” when I’m out and about.

What are your favorite places online? Do you have a favorite website that you think I should check out? Just leave a comment below!

(This post is linked up to Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday. Visit her blog to check out more “top 10” lists.)

Introduce YOUR Blog

HAPPY SATURDAY!! :) Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.

I am spending time with my family this weekend but I wanted to invite everyone to share their blog with me.

If you blog I would love for you to leave a comment below with the link to your favorite post you have ever written.   I would love to visit you!

Potty Training Resources

Lately I have been thinking about potty training my toddler who is 21 months old so I did some searching online for resources. Below are some links to resources I found. If you have written anything on potty training please feel free to provide a link to your post in the comments or if you have any potty training tips I would welcome those, too.

-“Tinkle Tinkle Little Star” Song

Step by Step potty training article from Pampers online village

-Awesome post from ‘Little Llamas’ about their potty training experience and what worked for them

Potty training readiness checklist (some signs to look for in your child)

-A list of 10 books for children on using the potty

-Here’s a list of potty training dont’s

10 ways to prepare your child for the potty

-Huggies pullups “Big Kid Central“- Jacob loves the potty dance!

Linky Love- St. Patty’s Edition (3/14)


*Love this St. Patrick’s Day themed sensory tub from ‘No Time For Flashcards’

*Five Green Shamrocks poem and template outline (great toddler/preschool idea)

*Great post from ‘Make and Takes’ called ‘Little Lucky Leprechaun Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day‘. I think we will be making the Pot of Gold :)


*St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes from ‘Hoosier Homemade’. These aren’t just any cupcakes though- check out how she puts flavor and color on the inside of the cupcakes. Never seen that done before but so creative!

*While we are talking about Liz from ‘Hoosier Homemade’ you should check out her decorations post. I love the St. Patty’s Day garland.

*’Roots and Wings Co.’ blog has a great idea for Saint Patrick’s Day called “I am lucky” in which their family members write things they are lucky for (similar to thinking about what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving).

*Love this decoration from ‘The Busy Blaine’s’.

Linky Love (3/6)

Today I spent some time going through my RSS reader and wanted to share some great posts I came across.

*Kristen’s post from ‘We Are THAT Family’ about her second day in Kenya with Compassion International. If you haven’t read it already (which you probably have because her blog is AMAZING… go read it now. She has a way with words and the subject of her story will touch you and bring tears to your eyes… Kristen’s post

*And if that last post about Kenya wasn’t enough to touch you here is one from MckMama who is also in Kenya. Her photography skills really capture the lives of these little children in Kenya

*Lindsey at ‘Inspiring Creations’ has a super cute tutorial for a St. Patrick’s Day craft. Major cuteness

*Easy do-it yourself spring craft from ‘Blue Cricket Design’ here

*For my blogging friends, Alyssa over at ‘Keeping the Kingdom First’ has a great post about how to make your own buttons for your blog. Tutorial

*Over on ‘Baby Cheapskate’ there is a post about decorating a baby’s nursery for cheap and she has two wonderful ideas for room decor.

*The final post I would like to share is written by Sarah Mae of ‘Like A Warm Cup of Coffee’. She is probably the woman that I am most looking forward to meeting when I go to Relevant 10 in October (and she is also one of the organizers of the conference). Read her post over at (in)courage called Crawling Out of the Pit.

Have a fantastic Saturday friends. I will be back tomorrow with my Tot School post. The theme next week for my toddler is “the 5 Senses”.