Top 10 Favorite Places Online

Below are the 10 places that I frequent most online. I will go into detail about all of these sites in future posts but I just wanted to share them with you in case you have never heard of some of them.

1. Meetup– This site is great to find local groups of people that have things in common with you. I am a member of some moms groups and we have a message board where we can connect online but then we can also “meetup” in real life. I absolutely love the groups that I’m in and am thankful for all the wonderful friendships I’ve made.

2. Facebook– I love facebook because it keeps me “in the know”. I can stay in touch with family and friends that I don’t see very often.

3. Twitter– Most of my Twitter “friends” I don’t know in real life but the connections I’ve made and the opportunities that have come up in tweets is the reason why Twitter has quickly replaced Facebook as my “go to” networking site. (I should also add here that I never really use the twitter site but view my twitter account through tweetdeck.)

4. Hotmail– I know a lot of people are partial to gmail but I prefer hotmail.

5. Blogs- I love blogs because if there is a topic you want to read about you can probably find someone blogging about it and if you can’t then you can start your own blog. I frequent parenting blogs and Christian blogs but there are some great photography blogs I love looking at, too.

6. WordPress– If you do decide to start a blog I recommend using wordpress.

7. Craigslist– Craigslist has gotten a bad rap lately because of their “adult” ads but I use the site to find garage sales and used clothing and toys for my children.

8. Etsy– This site has the cutest handmade items for children, adults, and the home.

9. Marketing Groups- I’m a part of about 15 marketing groups and I use them to find great products for reviews and giveaways. (Be sure to come back in June for our “birthday bash” where we will feature a new product every day and will celebrate with lots of giveaways.)

10. Foursquare– This last one I’m just starting to use. Due to safety reasons I do not use it in the town I live in nor do I use it when my children are with me but it’s fun to “check in” when I’m out and about.

What are your favorite places online? Do you have a favorite website that you think I should check out? Just leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Places Online”

  1. Meet Up sounds interesting.

    As far as the memories go they only need to be 2-3 paragraph or even one. I think if you keep a notepad around and talk to your family the memories will start coming back. I know mine have.

    If they don’t though I will also have a “now and then” link up list at the bottom for those who want to just link up now and then.

  2. I’ve heard good things about Meetup but haven’t had the chance to check it out before. Thanks for the link! I think Twitter is my favorite place online at the moment, although I love blogs and Facebook pages as well. I’m enjoying following you through iFellowship!


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