Friday Fails- How Did It Get This Bad?

See that number next to the word “inbox”? 17,382. How did I get so behind in my email? The worst part is, this number was almost 26,000 before I spent a few hours deleting emails!

I wish I could follow Amy’s advice of “declaring email bankruptcy” but I just can’t do that because I’m afraid I would delete something important. I do like her “touch it once” rule though and have already started using it to help keep my email inbox from getting even worse :)

Hopefully I will be able to do a Finer Things Friday post in a couple weeks about an empty inbox but right now my inbox is a “FAIL”!

10 thoughts on “Friday Fails- How Did It Get This Bad?”

  1. I hear ya – my Outlook broke b/c I had 13,600+ emails on my server. I had to delete the majority of them off the server (had a copy in my outlook anyway), and then create a whole new .PST to download the newer ones into. What a nightmare!
    It might help if you and I unsubscribed from some irrelevant lists as well! :)

    • I agree, unsubscribing to some lists is on my to-do list… needs to be done :) I also have a “work” account that I use outlook for and that one has a couple hundred unread at the moment. Though I skim it and reply to necessary ones :)

    • Yeah I’m a paper hoarder too :) Actually, I’m an everything hoarder. Hopefully I will never get bad enough to be on the show but I feel I need to keep everything because one day I might need it!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. That’s all that I can say. I would go in there and delete anything that’s over 60 days, just for starters. Then make folders for your newsletter subscriptions, sales promos that always come (Costco’s weekly sale ad for one), blog comments, notifications from Twitter/Facebook (my folder is Online Networks), etc. Get your email to sort into folders as it comes in, and you will be much more able to tackle it all then. :)

  3. Is it okay that your fail made me smile? I’ve been there! (well, not all the way there, but VERY close… finally got mine down and try to daily keep it at zero… took a LONG night and now it stresses me out if I have any extra unopened emails!) lol


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