Friday Fails- How Did It Get This Bad?

See that number next to the word “inbox”? 17,382. How did I get so behind in my email? The worst part is, this number was almost 26,000 before I spent a few hours deleting emails!

I wish I could follow Amy’s advice of “declaring email bankruptcy” but I just can’t do that because I’m afraid I would delete something important. I do like her “touch it once” rule though and have already started using it to help keep my email inbox from getting even worse :)

Hopefully I will be able to do a Finer Things Friday post in a couple weeks about an empty inbox but right now my inbox is a “FAIL”!

Friday Fails- My Den

Through Twitter I came upon Myra and her wonderful blog called My Blessed Life. She has started a weekly meme called “Friday Fails” and I love that moms are linking up their “fails” or imperfections. It’s so refreshing to see moms who are willing to admit that they aren’t perfect and it makes me feel great knowing that I am not the only person who struggles to balance everything. This week Myra gave us a glimpse of her house after a week of being sick. That post gave me the courage to share my disaster zone a.k.a. my den.

What a mess! The room was clean around Christmas but after that it was just a downward spiral. I unpacked boxes and brought contents from the garage into the room and stacked things where I could. I also have the bags piled from when the boys went to stay at their grandma’s that haven’t been unpacked. My goal is to clean and organize this room by the end of this week so hopefully next Friday I can have a different “fail” for the week :)