Linky Love (3/6)

Today I spent some time going through my RSS reader and wanted to share some great posts I came across.

*Kristen’s post from ‘We Are THAT Family’ about her second day in Kenya with Compassion International. If you haven’t read it already (which you probably have because her blog is AMAZING… go read it now. She has a way with words and the subject of her story will touch you and bring tears to your eyes… Kristen’s post

*And if that last post about Kenya wasn’t enough to touch you here is one from MckMama who is also in Kenya. Her photography skills really capture the lives of these little children in Kenya

*Lindsey at ‘Inspiring Creations’ has a super cute tutorial for a St. Patrick’s Day craft. Major cuteness

*Easy do-it yourself spring craft from ‘Blue Cricket Design’ here

*For my blogging friends, Alyssa over at ‘Keeping the Kingdom First’ has a great post about how to make your own buttons for your blog. Tutorial

*Over on ‘Baby Cheapskate’ there is a post about decorating a baby’s nursery for cheap and she has two wonderful ideas for room decor.

*The final post I would like to share is written by Sarah Mae of ‘Like A Warm Cup of Coffee’. She is probably the woman that I am most looking forward to meeting when I go to Relevant 10 in October (and she is also one of the organizers of the conference). Read her post over at (in)courage called Crawling Out of the Pit.

Have a fantastic Saturday friends. I will be back tomorrow with my Tot School post. The theme next week for my toddler is “the 5 Senses”.

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