The Bible in 90 Days Post I Should Have Wrote Months Ago

Months ago I decided to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. I declared it would be easy, just 12 pages a day. It started off well. I was excited. I told everyone who asked about it what I was doing. The idea sounded great…

Honestly though? I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready for such a big task spiritually. Though I had been praying daily and going to Bible study and Church weekly, I hadn’t been spending much time with God. When I saw the challenge I thought it would get me back into the Word. I thought that this challenge would force me to spend time reading my Bible…

Did you see that word I used in the last sentence? Force. I needed something to “force” me to spend time with my Father, reading a Book that I should have read long ago. That word right there should have told me I wasn’t ready. More than not being ready, it should have shown me that I was going about it all wrong.

Did I pray about the challenge before signing up? Yes. Did I listen for God’s answer? No. Maybe if I would have asked Him He would have told me to wait and showed me instead what He wanted to do. Maybe He would have prepared me for the challenge if I would have asked. Maybe He would have said yes, and reminded me to lean on Him when I was tired and weary and then the reading wouldn’t have been such a challenge to find time for.

I liked the idea of the “challenge” and jumped in before really asking God what He thought. I’ve tried to be more in tune with God’s will for my life lately. I’ve been spending more time in prayer, been trying to check in with God hourly, reading small bits of the Bible daily, and am trying to work on some areas of sinfulness in my life. I know that the Bible in 90 Days Challenge is being done again in July and maybe I will be ready to take on (and complete) the challenge then. Whatever I do I know that I will need to ask God to help me through it because it’s a lot bigger task than I thought it was and the only way I would get through it would with be with Him carrying me.

Things My Mom Taught Me About Life

My (step)mom dealt with Epilepsy for almost 9 years before being taken away in her sleep on June 17, 2009. In the almost 20 years that she was in my life she taught me a lot. Tomorrow she would have been 54 and in celebration of her life I wanted to share 10 things that I learned from her about life.

1. Spend time with God and read your Bible– My mom would sit for hours each day reading her Bible, praying, journaling to God, and seeking His will in her life.

2. Be positive– Having epilepsy meant that she had seizures. She didn’t know when the seizures would happen so her doctor told her that she could not drive. Once she went at least 6 months without a seizure she would be allowed to drive again. Every time I talked to her she told me that she would be driving soon. For over nine years she told me that she was done having seizures. For over 9 years she kept a positive attitude and believed that she would be able to drive in her near future (I really think she’s up in Heaven cruising around).

3. Always get a second opinion– When my mom was diagnosed with epilepsy she didn’t just take a doctor’s word for it. She saw specialists and got a second opinion. Her second opinion was medical but I think sometimes we need a fresh perspective and a second opinion from someone outside of ourselves.

4. Don’t forget what is important– My mom didn’t worry about being the best cook. She didn’t worry about keeping a spotless house. She didn’t worry about making her life look perfect. She remembered what was important in her life- God and those she loved- and that is what she focused on.

5. Be a good friend– My mom loved her friends. She spent time with them, she helped them and most of all she prayed for them.

6. Hug and kiss your children (even if they think they are too old for it)- My mom was a hugger and a kisser. You didn’t come or go in her house without them and she didn’t take no for an answer.

7. Tell others you love them– Don’t just assume that someone knows you love them. Tell them how much you do.

8. We touch more people than we know– At my mom’s wake I was amazed to see all the people she had touched in some way. She had left an impact on so many and I am sure that even she did not realize how many people she blessed with her love. Her kind words and smile made people feel welcome and cared for.

9. Take lots of pictures– As a mom I am always taking pictures of my children but am not in many of them myself. My mom was always taking pictures and more than that she was always including herself in the pictures. She didn’t realize it at the time but those pictures would be lasting memories of her short life and as a mom I want to make sure that my children always have pictures of me to remember me by.

10. Realize we won’t always understand God’s plan for our life– We don’t know why my mom got sick in the summer of 2000. We don’t know why she was taken away from us so abruptly in 2009. I do know though that God sees the big picture. God has a plan for our lives and sometimes we “must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God” (to quote Third Day).

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