From Frumpy To Fab

This week I joined the “Frumpy to Fab” challenge over at ‘A Proverbs Wife’.

Since I was pregnant with Jacob in 2008 I have pretty much lived in sweats and t-shirts (when I wasn’t working). I wanted to focus on six things this week (in regards to my appearance):

1) I wanted to not wear sweats at all unless I was cleaning

2) I wanted to wear some actual pajamas to bed at least two nights instead of the extra large, keep-me-warm sweats I normally wear

3) I wanted to paint my toenails since it was getting nicer out and I would be wearing sandals

4) I wanted to wear jewelry at least half the days

5) I wanted to wear a full face of makeup everyday

6) I wanted to keep my legs hairless all week. Yes, that would mean shaving which is (embarrassingly) something that is pretty rare for me to do in the winter now that I am a mom.

The challenge technically ended today (which is why I am posting today) but I plan on continuing this through Sunday. I am on track to meet all of these appearance goals and I have to admit, it feels great taking care of myself again!


  1. It does feel good to take care of yourself–especially when we spend so much time taking care of those around us :). I’m with you on the toenails. Still have “winter feet” — need to get to some “spring feet!”

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