My One Word For 2014: FOCUS {On What’s Important}

Happy New Year!! This year, instead of creating numerous goals for myself, I’m keeping it simple. My “one word” for the year is FOCUS. I’m going to focus on God, focus on myself and focus on those I love. This idea has been marinating in my mind for weeks. Being a busy work-from-home mom I … Read more

Making A Goal Board with Elmer’s #canyoutopthis

At the beginning of this year I created goals for myself. I really want to succeed so I made a goal board to display my goals so I can look at them everyday. To make this board I used: -Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board -Elmer’s Construction Paper -Elmer’s Borders -Elmer’s Letters -Elmer’s Glue Stick -Shape stencil … Read more

2011 Goals

I am excited about 2011 and everything that the new year will bring. I have made goals for myself and decided to focus on 3 goals in each area of my life. I am sharing them with you all in hopes that you will keep me accountable because I will updating my progress through the … Read more

From Frumpy To Fab

This week I joined the “Frumpy to Fab” challenge over at ‘A Proverbs Wife’. Since I was pregnant with Jacob in 2008 I have pretty much lived in sweats and t-shirts (when I wasn’t working). I wanted to focus on six things this week (in regards to my appearance): 1) I wanted to not wear … Read more

Blog the Weight Away… My Introduction

I am joining the “Blog the Weight Away” challenge by Lauren at 4BabyAndMom. I am so excited about this. Today is my introduction post. My goals throughout this journey: 1) Lose 50 pounds 2) Go to the gym at least 4 days a week 3) Eat healthier My rewards for achieving my goals: 1) One … Read more

My main goals for 2010

I am very excited to start this new year. I’m looking forward to my best year ever! (ok, I keep hearing that from everyone but it’s true!) I’m a very goal-oriented person so I always keep a goal list that I update a few times a year. Kind of like my bucket list , I … Read more

A new year… new goals

Ok so I haven’t posted anything in months… since March to be exact. Wow a lot has happened since then… Just some short updates- I had my second child, lost my (step)mom, my family moved in with my father and little sister, and I went back to work full time. My second child is a … Read more

March Updates…

Jacob and I have been sick a lot lately. I think I can count on my handsĀ  the number of days that we both have been healthy these past two months. It’s very overwhelming being pregnant and sick and then on top of that having to deal with a sick child. It’s been very difficult … Read more