2011 Goals

I am excited about 2011 and everything that the new year will bring. I have made goals for myself and decided to focus on 3 goals in each area of my life. I am sharing them with you all in hopes that you will keep me accountable because I will updating my progress through the year :)

PERSONAL GOALS- Focus on the positive, spend 30 minutes a day relaxing away from the computer, read one book a month

MOMMY GOALS- Potty train both boys, take more pictures and scrapbook at least four pages a month, write in a memory journal for the boys

RELATIONSHIP GOALS- Date night once a week, do one nice deed for each other daily, more positive comments

SPIRITUAL GOALS- Devotions daily, return to regular Church attendance, read the whole Bible

BLOG GOALS- Include more “life” posts, get better at replying to comments, have two weeks of posts scheduled ahead

WORK GOALS- Full-time position by the end of the year, at least three SM marketing accounts a month, run one blogger review program a month

HEALTH GOALS- Limit pop to one a day, eat healthier, 30 minutes of activity five times a week

HOME GOALS- Keep house “company ready”, finish unpacking and organizing, stick to my cleaning routine

FINANCIAL GOALS- Set up an emergency fund, pay all bills on time, make and follow a budget monthly

HOMESCHOOLING GOALS- Do Tot School four times a week, make a lesson plan weekly and post it, decide between homeschooling Jake or putting him in preschool (or doing a combination of both)

FAMILY GOALS- Spend time with family weekly, call family more often, get to know extended family better

FRIENDSHIP GOALS- Spend time with friends weekly, attend a mom’s night once a month, call or email a friend once a week

GIVING GOALS- Donate/tithe monthly, volunteer four hours a month, do an act of service for a friend or loved one a month


Have you written your goals down? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below or if you blog enter you post in the linky below! (To view the linky click on the link below)


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0 thoughts on “2011 Goals”

  1. Great goals Alicia! Seeing yours written out makes me want to sit down and think about how I can make 2011 a better year for me and my family!

  2. I agree with Jenn and Amy! I admire you, and you are inspiring me to write my own goals which I honestly have never done. I think I am always scared I will “fail”, but that is probably not the right attitude. If you don’t accomplish a goal, does that effect you negatively or how do you handle that? I tend to “beat myself up” which is why I am always scared to set goals, but I think I would really like to try this this year.

    • Thank you, Sheri! Lately I have been realizing that if I make attainable and realistic goals I do the best. In years past I have had weight loss as a goal and would give myself specific numbers to hit. Numbers that I would have to have a strict diet and exercise hours a day to reach. This year I chose actions to work on instead of numbers and am realistic about the weight loss I hope to achieve.

      If you are scared to “fail” start with a few simple goals and when you accomplish them then make bigger goals for yourself. I think splitting up your larger goals into smaller, more manageable ones may help because you will get a sense of accomplishment along the journey :)

      I have been scared to fail in the past but am trying to realize that if I have a bad month with a goal (like say I don’t exercise at all) then that doesn’t mean my whole year is shot. I think that’s the attitude I’ve had before. It would be Feb. and I’d think oh well I didn’t exercise last month so I’ve failed at my goal when in reality 11 out of 12 months is better than 0 months of exercising!

      I encourage you to share your goals with at least one other person so they can support and encourage you. And of course you know I’m always here for you! :)

  3. Alicia, these are great! I think my main goal for 2011 is to lose weight. I have been carrying around this “extra” weight. I feel like I have let go of “emotional” baggage and now I am ready to get rid of “physical” baggage. Maybe when the weather gets nicer we can get together and go walking (now that I have a double stroller and hopefully by that time we will have a new car to fit that double stroller in!) I will pray that you accomplish your goals.

    • Hi! Have you heard about the Read the Bible in 90 Days program? I highly recommend it. The next “group read” starts Jan. 3 or you can do it on your own.

      On Twitter the hashtag convo is #B90days or you can find the group on the web at momstoolbox.com


      monica your 5:11 buddy

      • Hi, Monica. Yes, I have heard of that program…one of my goals last year was to read the Bible in 90 days but between my children, my job, my blog, household duties, etc. it was just too much for me. I loved the idea of it though and everyone was so supportive who was reading alongside me :) I figured a more realistic goal (for myself) was to read it over the year :)

  4. Okay, I did it! :D I wrote down my 2011 goals, and I am so excited about it. Thank you so much, Alicia, for inspiring me! Some of yours were so applicable to me that I borrowed them ;). I hope you don’t mind! I also borrowed your categories because I so needed a guideline. :) Anyway, here they are…

    Personal – Spend 15 minutes solidly on ME most days of the week, try to be a bit more “glass 1/2 full”, spend time daily with no phone, no computer, doing something like reading, etc, and work on not over committing – praying about each opportunity and whether God wants me to really focus and commit to that particular thing.

    Mommy Goals – Be more of a “yes mom”, be more consistent, try to FINALLY find a consistent, loving plan for discipline

    Relationship Goals – Date night once per month, be a positive force for my spouse, pray for my husband daily

    Spiritual Goals – Daily devotions, daily and specific prayers along with journaling them and the answers, become more prayerful throughout the day and attend church regularly

    Weight Loss Related Goals – REALLY focus on eating mostly whole foods, excercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day at least 5 days per week, journal EVERY day each and every morsel that touches my lips. :D

    Home Goals – Keep house “company ready”, shampoo carpet upstairs and get an estimate on sanding and refinishing our wood floors downstairs, continue to work on small, inexpensive remodeling projects to make our house our own, and FINALLY get back yard landscaped.

    Financial Goals – Set up a $1000.00 emergency fund, pay off credit card debt in full, set and FOLLOW budget

    Family Goals – Pick one evening per week (will have to rotate due to Jason’s schedule) for a non tv family activity like playing board games as a family, go out to a meal and an away from home activity once per month and reach out regularly to close family as well as extended family

    Friendship Goals – Attend a mom’s night once per month, call or email a friend once per week, spend more time and energy cultivating my close friendships.

    • Lol… it’s ok you borrowed my ideas :) I love your goals and look forward to hearing that you’ve accomplished them! :) Remember, don’t worry if you “fail” one day on something because the next day is a fresh start :)


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