From Frumpy To Fab

This week I joined the “Frumpy to Fab” challenge over at ‘A Proverbs Wife’.

Since I was pregnant with Jacob in 2008 I have pretty much lived in sweats and t-shirts (when I wasn’t working). I wanted to focus on six things this week (in regards to my appearance):

1) I wanted to not wear sweats at all unless I was cleaning

2) I wanted to wear some actual pajamas to bed at least two nights instead of the extra large, keep-me-warm sweats I normally wear

3) I wanted to paint my toenails since it was getting nicer out and I would be wearing sandals

4) I wanted to wear jewelry at least half the days

5) I wanted to wear a full face of makeup everyday

6) I wanted to keep my legs hairless all week. Yes, that would mean shaving which is (embarrassingly) something that is pretty rare for me to do in the winter now that I am a mom.

The challenge technically ended today (which is why I am posting today) but I plan on continuing this through Sunday. I am on track to meet all of these appearance goals and I have to admit, it feels great taking care of myself again!