Football Decorations Kids Can Help Make

Thanks to Tampico for sponsoring our afternoon of crafting decorations for football season!

I absolutely love football season. Whether it’s tossing the ball around with my kids, watching Jacob on the field or sitting around the tv on Sunday afternoons cheering for my favorite team from Chicago, it’s a wonderful time of year. Jacob and I did some crafting to get ready for football season and I thought I’d share some of the decorations we made for the house.

The first thing we did was decorate some snack bowls with football themed stickers. We did this to prepare for our various football parties we are going to have this year and because snacks are always better from fun bowls!

Of course we had to have a snack while we were crafting! Popcorn and Mango Punch Tampico were a great combo!

After our snack we decorated some picture frames. Since Jacob plays football we will use these to display pictures of him on the fridge.

For this craft all you need are some colorful cardboard frames and foam stickers.

Once you decorate the frames with the stickers you can add a magnet on the back so that you can hang your picture frame on the fridge. You can then put a picture underneath the frame- either one of your child in their sports uniform or one of your family at your favorite team’s game.

I decided to make a frame as well and decorate it with some scrapbook stickers. I made Jacob one that said “Football MVP”! I love spending quality time with my kids while we craft.

The last thing we made was a paper chain garland. I found some sparkly glitter paper garland pieces that were pre-cut into strips but you can easily cut strips of paper to make some. On the brown colored paper just use a white crayon to draw on some football “laces”. You’ll then use tape to form loops and make a chain.

Once your chain is complete you can hang it anywhere you’d like! We are going to hang our chain garland from our mantle under the television. It’s the perfect decoration because it mixes colors of Autumn with our love of football.

What crafts does your family make together to celebrate your favorite sports season? When you are at the store buying your supplies for your crafts make sure to pick up Tampico juice drink for your family to enjoy while you are creating memories together!


  1. My son loves doing this. Every time there’s a Super Bowl he wants to decorate. Usually we go out and find the colors of whichever team we decide to support and just have a good time decorating.

  2. Such cute ideas! My son loves to help me with crafts. He would like the frame.

  3. Love all the ideas and how easy and fun they are!

  4. I love the picture frame and the chain garland. My youngest likes doing crafts and would enjoy something like this.

  5. Those are such cute decoration ideas, I love the paper chain… we are huge football fans!

  6. I especially like the little popcorn bowls. Too fun! What a cute way to get in the spirit.

  7. Such a cute idea and this looks like such an easy craft to make. We love football parties and we love decorating!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are cute football decorations. I will have to get the supplies I need to make these on the weekend with the kids.

  9. Lisa Bristol says

    This will be a great activity to do with my friends little ones this weekend. They are going to love it.

  10. I’m excited for football season! That just means fall is around the corner! I love all these football ideas too. They’re great!

  11. Way too fun! My grandkids will love making all this for football season!

  12. What a fun idea and great way to start the football season!

  13. My great grandpa always drank Tampico! It always remind me of him!

  14. The best parties get the entire family involved! I love the ideas!

  15. These are all so cute and fun! Cannot wait until tomorrow so we can watch some football.

  16. Very cute ideas for a football theme party for kids. In fact, I loved it so much, I shared your post on MBE’s Facebook page!

  17. Amy Desrosiers says

    This is such a cute craft to get ready for the football season. I know my three would love to make some decor.

  18. Elizabeth Lampman says

    My family loves football season. They are going to have fun making these crafts.

  19. Such an adorable craft. I love how excited your boys are

  20. The chains are fun and look sophisticated and still festive! Thanks for the tups!

  21. My great grandpa always drank Tampico! It always remind me of him!

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