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I shared a couple weeks ago how I was working with Schoola to support funding for a music program at a school in the Bronx. Thanks to everyone who has helped support the program along with me :) Today I wanted to share a little more about Schoola and how you can use the site to earn money for your child’s school by donating your children’s gently used clothes.

To donate your used clothes you simply request a bag and send in your gently used clothes. You specify the school you want to support and then $2 of each $5 sold goes to your school. To get some new clothes for your kids you simply go to, find some clothes you want to buy, add them to your cart and then go through the online checkout process. 40% of your purchase goes back to schools!

I’m excited to head to my first PTA meeting this year because each year they always are looking for fundraising ideas and I think this would be an easy one for us to do that wouldn’t require much of a time commitment from parents. Honestly, I’m sick of having to sell wrapping paper, candy and pies. Clothes though? Every parent has some they want to get rid of and some they need for their growing kids.

This outfit cost $10 and $4 went to support schools

Money goes a long way at Schoola. My $52 order included 2 hoodies, 2 pairs of jeans and 6 t-shirts. Many of the clothes available on the site are name brand. Four of my items from this order were The Children’s Place brand and my last order included pieces from GAP Kids.

What will you find at Use the code BacktoSchoola20 for 20% off your order {expires on August 20, 2014}.

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