The Picture Of Me

So excited to be working with this month because I want to share what I found with you all! I was poking around on trying to fill out my family tree and I found my late Grandfather’s information and noticed someone had posted some pictures of him. As I was looking at them I realized one of the pictures had me in it! True story! This picture was over 30 years old and I’d never seen it before!

My Grandfather passed away in 1992 and I only got to see him a handful of times in my young life so this picture means a lot to me. I loved seeing the pictures of him when he was younger as well. is great for connecting with distant relatives as well. These pictures were posted by someone I didn’t recognize so I messaged her and she replied back and said “I got the picture From Alice (last names removed). She is soooooo nice. She is a cute little old lady and remembers a lot. And very helpful.” So my older relative wasn’t using it but I was able to get a message to her through this person. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the internet?

I found out a lot of information about other members of my family, too. They even have copies of the report of who was on the boat when my other Grandpa came over to Ellis Island in the 50s. It was pretty cool to look at those records.

Another thing I noticed? Seems as though my last name somehow gained a letter in the early 1900’s. It was interesting to see and made me realize that I should be searching for my last name with a letter taken out to find relatives in the 1800’s. I wonder what other surprises I’ll discover?

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