Keurig® K75 Platinum Brewing System Review

My favorite drinks are flavored iced coffee drinks. I love going to the coffee shop but on rainy or cold days when I don’t feel like going out and days where my coffee craving comes once the kids are in bed I rely on my Keurig to get me through the day. I’ve written about Keurig before when I received my first one from the company and also when I discovered that I could make iced drinks. Keurig recently sent me their new K75 Platinum Brewing System to review along with some samples of K-cups and a super cute travel mug.

Image courtesy of Keurig

I immediately noticed many differences between my old brewer and this new system. The first was that the system came with a charcoal water filter. Since I use tap water and not bottled water to make my coffee I love this feature.

The other thing I noticed about the water container was the lid. It was really easy to fill because a portion of the lid flipped up so I could just pour water in to the container.

Making iced coffee was easy with this new brewer because I could change the temperature of the coffee coming out. Before the coffee would come out so hot that it would take a while to cool it off. By changing the temperature of the water I no longer have this issue. This brewer also had more cup size options than my old one (which only had three) and a removable drip tray to fit my larger cups.

I added a little milk and caramel creamer to my iced coffee and it was so delicious. Making iced coffee in my Keurig is a convenient way to save time and money on my coffee addiction.

If you prefer iced tea over iced coffee, I tried the new Snapple Tea K-Cups and loved the fruity flavors. It was also recently announced that Campbell’s soup will be sold in K-Cup form soon (disclosure: I am a Campbell’s Brand Ambassador). I can’t wait to be able to make soup with my Keurig!

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received this Keurig to review. All thoughts are my own.)

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