DIY: Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm

You know what’s better than soft lips? Soft, chocolate flavored lips :) Enjoy this DIY recipe provided by beauty expert and author of Bonding Over Beauty, Erika Katz. This lip balm contains shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil, which are all excellent natural emollients. You can get creative and add other flavors like peppermint oil, tangerine oil, or raspberry oil.


·         1 tablespoon shea butter

·         1 tablespoon coconut oil

·         2 teaspoons grated beeswax

·         1 tablespoon vitamin E oil

·         15 chocolate chips

·         1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


1) Put all the ingredients into a double boiler on the stove or in a microwavable container.

2) Warm the mixture until it melts. Stir until smooth.

3) Pour the mixture into a lip gloss container and refrigerate until it hardens.

The lip balm Lasts up to 3 months at room temperature. Find other great recipes for DIY spa treatments on the Bonding Over Beauty site here.

(Disclosure: The above recipe was provided to me for use on my blog. I was not compensated for posting it.)

2 thoughts on “DIY: Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm”

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  2. I think this would be bad for me as I think lip balm works better when it stays on your lips! Thanks for the recipe, it does sound fun.


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