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April 2010

Do you notice that both my boys aren’t looking at the camera? Typical… :)


  1. Such an adorable picture!

  2. Wow! You must be very busy:) Very cute.

  3. Great photo!
    My boys are always running from me when I try to take there photo. It’s so hard to get 4 boys to sit still and all look at the camera and smile at the same time!

    Have a great week! :)

    • I have such a hard time with only two.. I can’t imagine having four boys to convince to sit still, look at the camera, and smile!

  4. I often have a hard time with that, too. Were they watching tv? I’ve just gotten to the point where I stand in their view:)

    • no they were actually looking at my sitter’s daughter but even if nobody else or nothing else got their attention they would still look away from the camera… I take too many pictures :)

  5. It is so hard to get them to looks at the camera these days huh. I have to get my husband doing a funny dance or my mom doing a silly laugh in order to get my little one to look and yet I can’t imagine how hard/rare it is to get two to look at the camera. sweet kids though. happy Monday!

    • Thanks :) I have tried everything from silly voices to dancing around and found that for my boys it very rarely works. Maybe I should use reverse psychology and make them think that I don’t want them to smile… maybe that would work :)

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