Lucas & His Blankie {Wordless Wednesday}

Lucas carries this blanket everywhere. He carefully covered up the fireplace area with it, patted it, and then sat down on it and watched TV. Anyone else’s kiddo {with Autism or without} have a lovey they carry everywhere?

Birthday Boy {Wordless Wednesday}

Luke’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and I already shared pictures from our tropical party but wanted to share some from the last half of the day as well :)

Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas

(This post includes affiliate links) The boys had a blast at their Disney Cars themed birthday party. Below are some of the Cars decorations, treats, and fun themed activities we did: Find a similar rug here:¬†Disney Pixar Cars Racing Interactive Game Rug *** *** *** *** *** Here is a similar wall mural: Disney Pixar … Read more