Mother’s Day Locket Giveaway

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As a mom I love personalized gifts, especially ones that have my children’s faces or artwork on them. Over the years I’ve collected many special personalized items from blankets to canvases to jewelry. Some of my favorite pieces are my lockets from Pictures on Gold that I put my children’s sweet smiling faces in.

Pictures on Gold offers a variety of personalized jewelry that can be created online via mobile or desktop. They make it simple to create custom jewelry pieces and to design your own locket with their step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process. Pictures on Gold has images put into the lockets with a laser, making the images 100% waterproof and scratch-proof- no more ragged looking paper photos in the lockets. They offer a lifetime guarantee on their laser engraving and the quick shipping turnaround time makes it great for those last-minute shoppers.

Their jewelry makes the perfect gift! I’ve made one for my mom with all her grandkids photos in it, a special remembrance locket for myself with photos of my (step)mom in it, and this past Christmas I made a mother-daughter necklace for my daughter, Emma (though she’s still too young to wear it).

This Mother’s Day I wanted to make a locket for my grandma with her two daughters in it. My Aunt passed away several years ago so I thought a locket with her photo in it, along with my mom’s, would be a nice gift for her. I didn’t have any great quality photos of my Aunt- just ones from online- but I was pleased with the quality of the image that Pictures on Gold was able to laser on to the locket. You’d never guess that I’d given them a low resolution cell phone image!

I am so excited to give the locket to my grandma next time I see her!

Want to create a personalized locket for your mom or someone else you love? You can design your own here (use code ‘MOM10’ to save 10% off your order) or enter the giveaway below for your chance to win one!

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