Chalk Marker Stained Glass Window Cross For Easter

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Remember last March when we were all stuck at home? (Of course you do! Pretty sure we will be telling our grandbabies about it decades from now!) During that time, I saw so many amazing pieces of artwork on windows, sidewalks, and doors from adults trying to cheer people up and kids looking for something to keep them busy during that time. I even decorated my own front door to thank our heroes who went to work everyday while my children and I stayed safe in our home.

Some of the art that caught my eye last spring were pretty stained glass window looking designs done by friends and others on social media. I thought it was a beautiful idea but, since I had already decorated my door, I filed it away for the future. I recently was sent some Chalkola Chalk Markers and thought they were perfect for recreating the Easter door decoration idea that I saw so many do last year.

I’m not sure what everyone else used to paint their windows last year but I liked the idea of using the Chalkola chalk markers because of their vibrant colors and the ease of cleaning them off. (The last thing I want is to be stuck scrubbing paint from my window- like this mom needs yet another chore added to her list!) Chalkola chalk markers are also non-toxic so they are safe for kids to use which is awesome because then the whole family can get involved in creating the artwork.

With Easter just a week and a half away I wanted to do a cross on my front glass door since I didn’t have a wreath or any other Easter decoration to celebrate the holiday. I also thought it would be cute for my daughter to stand by when the Easter Bunny came to visit her later this week. It would be a beautiful background for photos!

I started off outlining a cross with blue painter’s tape and was going to leave the cross part clear glass and do stained glass coloring around the outside of it but I decided I’d rather make the cross itself look like a stained glass window. So after I outlined the cross I created the different sections inside the cross shape by zigzagging the painter’s tape across it.

Once I had the shape and the sections separated with painter’s tape my youngest son and I went to work coloring each of the sections with a bright, spring color. I loved having a 40 pack of chalk markers so we could make it colorful! I found the chalk markers easy to use once they were primed and my son was able to color with them easily as well.

I let the chalk dry for about 30 minutes before pulling up the tape. We did discover some chalk seeped under the tape because we didn’t push the tape down well enough so I used a damp qtip to clean any chalk that went under the tape. I think it turned out well though and it was nice to talk with my son while we did an art project together.

I really love how it looks when the sun is shining on it! The photos do not do it justice….it is so pretty in the sunshine!

Want to create something yourself? Use the code MTFM10 for 10% off at the Chalkola website or enter to win a box of chalk markers below!

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What would you create with the markers? Chat with me on social media and let me know!

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