Easter Activities For Toddlers

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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost April and Easter is just around the corner. Last year my daughter was only one and we were quarantining so I didn’t plan a whole lot for the holiday but this Easter I have big plans for the next couple weeks including a private Easter Bunny visit outside our home. We enjoyed a Santa visit at Christmastime which she loved so I’m hoping Emma will be just as delighted to see the Easter bunny (it will probably help that the EB is going to bring a stuffed bunny rabbit for her since Emma loves her stuffed animals!)

Along with the visit we will be doing Easter themed activities during Tot School for the next couple of weeks. I introduced her to the Easter theme a couple weeks ago with a simple sensory bin filled with Easter grass and plastic eggs. I gave her a scoop to use and also bought the cutest little plastic chick at Walmart that had a swing top mouth she could put the eggs into. Emma loved playing in it and also dumping it out but she got a lot of work on her pincer grasp picking up all the strands of Easter grass she dumped! She enjoyed hiding toys in the Easter grass and inside the eggs, too.

I plan on doing a couple more sensory bins as well. I think she’d love this egg wash water sensory bin from Little Bins For Little Hands because she likes “washing dishes” and playing in her little child-sized play sink. This shaving cream and plastic egg sensory bin from Happy Toddler Playtime also looks fun. It’s a different texture than my toddler is used to so I think we will do this one during a therapy session and see how it goes.

I added some Easter themed items to her playroom area including bunny ears, baskets, and plastic eggs. I also took out all her Easter books and displayed them on her table so she can see them. I’m going to make simple egg coloring pages and dot marker pages for her to color. I’ll probably add a few other Easter decorations around her play area over the next few days as well.

Here are some Easter themed activities we will be doing over the next couple of weeks:

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs from The Chaos And The Clutter

Preschool Resurrection Eggs from Motherhood On A Dime

Easter Egg Suncatcher from All Kids Network

Easter Egg Letter Writing Tray from Pocket of Preschool (Emma is a bit too young for this but we have started working on letters so I plan to help her write letters in the sprinkles and then she’ll probably just play in it.)

Resurrection Rolls from Women Living Well (I did this with my oldest when he was two and it’s a tradition we’ve done in our house almost every year since…)

Easter Egg Playdough Tray from No Time For Flashcards (I grabbed this egg mold from Amazon for this activity.)

Tape Resist Cross from Finding The Golden Gleam

We will also have these yummy Peeps No Bake Pudding Pies for a snack one day as we read some Easter themed board books. Want more Peeps treat ideas? Find more of my recipes in this Peeps-a-licious cookbook :)

What toddler Easter activity ideas do you enjoy doing with your child? Let me know on social media!