Take Mealtime Stress Off Your Plate With Yumble

Thanks to Yumble for sponsoring this post.

Back in 2018 I shared about Yumble, a weekly subscription service that delivers prepared meals for kids. These meals were helpful to me as a pregnant mom of two but have been a lifesaver now that I’m a mom of three (and somehow just as exhausted as when I was carrying little miss in my tummy!). My pre-teen boys have kind of outgrown the service (though my 11 year old still happily devoured the mac and cheese!) but it’s the perfect lunch or dinner for my two year old.


The meals come in single serving containers that can just be popped in the microwave and heated up for about a minute and a half. It’s great for busy days because I can make sure my daughter eats a healthy meal even when I don’t have time to prepare one from scratch. It’s also something super simple my oldest can feed her if he’s babysitting while I’m on a work call in the other room. And I just might have enjoyed a couple of them for lunch myself because of how convenient they were!

Yumble meals are packed with nutritional value and made with sustainable, regionally-sourced, nutritious ingredients. I like the variety of foods that Yumble offers as well. My daughter’s favorite meal is the Mac & Mozz Burger Bowl- cheesy beef and noodles with a side of sweet potatoes. I liked the cheese ravioli with green beans and the cheesy broccoli & meatballs meals the most.  I was dissapointed to see a couple of my favorites gone (like the pizza snackers- those were amazing!) but there were lots of new meals to try now, too. They even had a contest recently to get new meal ideas! I entered my “dinner cupcakes” (aka meatloaf bites) but sadly didn’t win.

I feel the meals are fairly priced at $5.99 to $7.99 a meal and there’s even a website special for 50% off your first two weeks of meals. Best of all, the service is flexible so you can snooze your subscription or cancel anytime. Yumble is convenient for families and much more affordable and healthier than going through the drive-thru on busy evenings.

Want to try Yumble out for yourself? You can view the menu and place your first order here.