Weekly Kids Meal Subscription Service To Make Life Easier

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As a busy mom, I’m always looking for things that will help save me time (and my sanity). I recently discovered Yumble, a weekly subscription service that delivers prepared, healthy, and delicious kids meals right to your front door. My family has tried the service for two weeks so far and I wanted to share about it because it’s amazing!

Since I’m towards the end of my pregnancy, and my husband has been working a lot of late nights, I chose to get 24 meals a week to feed my two boys dinner almost every night and give myself lunches and dinners as well. This made each meal $6.99 which I thought was comparable to other meal plans I’ve seen. My favorite part is that the meals are already made and kept in the refrigerator so they just have to be heated up in the microwave which is something my boys (ages 9 and 10) can do for themselves. Plus, no cooking means no dishes! Another great feature of Yumble is that the subscriptions let you skip weeks whenever you want to which is great because you can take a week off if you’ll be out of town or simply know you’ll have more time to cook meals yourself during certain weeks.

Each week Yumble gives you the option to select the meals you want delivered. This is great for picky kids who decide they like something one week and don’t like it the next. I thought there was a good variety of meals and liked that they offered a number of healthier kid-favorites and meals that would introduce them to new foods. Lucas, my vegetable avoider, loved the “veggie tots” not realizing they were made with sweet potatoes and cauliflower! I consider that a win!

My favorite meal was the rotini sprinkled with cheese and paired with green beans. Lucas liked the “yes please, mac & cheese” the best and Jacob liked the pizza stackers and pizza pocket the most (no surprise to me that they chose those meals as their favorites!) Yumble meals are intended for children ages twelve months to twelve years so, since my kids are on the older end of that spectrum,  I worried that there might not be enough food for them but each meal was filling (even as meals for me as an adult).

The only thing I would change is in regards to some of their “cold” lunch meals that contained something that should be heated up in my opinion making them meals that could be enjoyed at home but not put in a lunchbox or eaten on-the-go in the car. For example, one of their meals that I loved snacking on for lunch contained sliced cheese and pepperoni with a side of pretzel sticks with honey mustard dip but then had a side of cooked peas and carrots as well. While I guess the peas and carrots could be eaten cold I thought it was a bit odd and I wish the veggie option would have been something else that could be enjoyed cold like maybe cucumber slices or even a dried fruit like apples.

Overall though, I’m absolutely in love with this kid-friendly food delivery service. It’s convenient for families and much more affordable and healthier than going through the drive-thru on busy evenings. It’s also flexible (with the ability to skip weeks or change the number of meals you receive each week) which is important!

Want to try Yumble yourself? They have given me a discount code so you can get 30% off your first two weeks! Just use the code ‘MakingTimeForMommy30’ on their site.

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