Finding Quality Early Childhood Education


Before becoming a mom I spent a few years teaching 4 year-olds. I will always cherish those years that taught me as many valuable lessons as the children learned. I loved watching each day as a child learned something new or mastered a skill for the first time.

When it comes to learning, the early childhood years are the prime time to set the foundation for a love of learning. Along with learning academic skills like the alphabet, colors, and numbers, it’s also the perfect time to start learning essential life skills such as cooperation, social skills and independent thinking. Preschool can help children learn all these things, and more!

When deciding on preschool or child care for the preschool aged child, there are two things that I think are important to consider. You’ll want to find a program that allows for plenty of free play time (since kids learn a lot through play) and also offers a quality early childhood curriculum. Researching different offerings, I really fell in love with the Bright Horizons® curriculum.

What I like about Bright Horizons is that their developmentally appropriate Emergent Curriculum can be adapted to serve each child’s strengths and needs, so curriculum is tailored to the child and not the other way around. Their World at Their Fingertips® curriculum creates developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that empower children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners, helping them achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning, making it a great option for preschool.

Parents can feel confident their child will be prepared for elementary school because Bright Horizons makes sure their curriculum syncs with local elementary schools and aligns with national academic standards to ensure the curriculum is preparing children to succeed when they graduate from the program and go in to elementary school.

It’s clear that whether you are looking for the ideal curriculum and environment to prepare your child for future schooling years or are a working parent needing a quality child care center, Bright Horizons is a great option for early childhood education.

And just because I’m reminiscing now….I’ll leave you with a picture of when my boys were little ❤️

Have you put your children in early education classes or child care? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. It sounds like you have really done your research and know what schools work the best. Your boys were so cute in their matching clothes, I love that.

  2. Bright Horizons sounds like a wonderful place for children to learn while being in a day care. It’s like the best of both worlds!

  3. We put our kids in preschool, and that was about it. It worked out, though. We did a lot of learning games together at home.

  4. Bright Horizons sounds great! I love that the kids can get a head start on their learning while mom and dad are at work.

  5. We have a son with special needs, so finding quality education for him was painful. That is why he is being hoe schooled currently.

  6. This sounds wonderful! I had a really hard time finding a quality preschool for my son!

  7. Early education is so important. Any sort of stimulating activity you can put them in is great.

  8. Wow sounds like some really great options out there for kids. Thanks for helping parents decide.

  9. This is wonderful. My kiddo goes to a very diverse school.

  10. The skills and concepts they learn in those early years are so important. Bright Horizons sounds like a really good option.

  11. Claudia Krusch says

    If I had a little one now I would want to go to a place like Bright Horizons. I was lucky and was able to work from home when my Son was little.

  12. We were lucky to have a number of fantastic preschools within a couple blocks of our house. Both of my girls benefited from starting school early this way!

  13. These are all really great tips to finding quality early childhood education! Sounds like a great program.

  14. My kids stayed home with me so we never needed a day care program, but if you’re gonna do it this one sounds like a great one to pick!

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