Attention Football Parents – Riddell Smarter Football Grant Info

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Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I love football. I look forward to football season every year and count down the days until it starts. I love watching my favorite Chicago team play it, cheering for the Buckeyes in college football games, and, of course, watching my own son play it.

I’ll never forget the very first year that Jacob played football. When we picked up his gear I remember thinking how tiny he looked in it but I knew that this gear was essential in keeping him safe on the football field which is the most important thing to me as a sports parent.

It’s clear that the game of football is no longer about being the fastest or strongest on the field; but about being the smartest, so I’m thrilled to be partnering with Riddell, a brand that believes in the importance of safety and smarter football. Smarter football means safe tackling, proper nutrition, excellent sportsmanship and maintaining good grades.

Riddell is calling on players, coaches, parents, and fans to take an active role in advancing the game through the Smarter Football Commitment. This initiative invites members of the football community at all levels to join in a movement to create a safer, better sport through the use of “smarter” tactics on and off the field. Riddell believes in this cause so much that they’ve pledged up to $100,000 in equipment grants to select football programs in need of upgraded gear. Multiple grants will be awarded to several deserving programs that best demonstrate how the new product will strengthen their team’s commitment to smarter football. Entries will be accepted through August 31, 2017 with the winners announced during the 2017 football season.

HOW TO APPLY FOR A GRANT: Fans, administrators, coaches, parents, and players can submit their teams via the website at through August 31, 2017. To apply, fill out the form to share the details of the football program you are applying for, including the state of their equipment, and how your program practices Smarter Football.

Watch how winning a grant changed things for one team and helped them practice smarter football!

How would your child’s team use this grant if they won?

13 thoughts on “Attention Football Parents – Riddell Smarter Football Grant Info”

  1. I can’t even begin to count how many football games I’ve sat through. From my high school days to my kids in high school. My daughter was a high school and college cheer leader so add that to the boys playing school ball and you have a whole lot of football games. Cheering through wins and loses but always full of team spirit. I love that Riddell knows that safety, nutrition, sportsmanship and good grades are most important!

  2. I’m glad that companies are much more aware of safety equipment working properly. There are many many kids that have been hurt because the safety equipment wasn’t quite what it should be. I can’t wait for football season to start either.

  3. I love companies like Riddell who create initiatives like the Smarter Football Commitment. It makes you feel better knowing other people are as concerned about safety on and off the field as you are!

  4. It is amazing for Riddell to be doing these grants. It is so important to have the proper gear to stay safe while playing sports.


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