Help Kids Learn How To Handle Money Wisely

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When I was growing up I wasn’t taught much about money and, as a result, I struggled with money issues through my college and early adult years. Because of this, it’s really important to me that my boys learn how to handle money. I don’t want them going through the same money struggles that I did! From saving it to spending it wisely, the earlier that children learn how to be smart with their money the better off they will be.

One financial learning tool I discovered is The Piggy Bank Book, a resource designed to help kids slow down, filter out the noise, and figure out what they really want. By tracking their money, your child will be encouraged to save and take pride in what they’ve accomplished.

It only takes five minutes a week to work through the ledger pages, and it will have a life long impact on how your child spends money.

Spending time working with the Piggy Bank Book will teach your child to thoughtfully purchase instead of mindlessly consume. They will develop a healthy spending habit to take with them into adulthood.

To get The Piggy Bank Book into as many little hands as possible they are running a Kickstarter. Join me in raising money to make sure that children learn the skills they need to make them financially responsible adults. Find more details and pledge to help here.



  1. These are great ideas. It’s so important that kids understand how to make the most of their money. If they grow up thinking it’s always there, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

  2. This is a great little book! I wish I would have had something like this when my daughter was younger. I could have taught her about saving money a lot easier.

  3. It is never too early to start teaching good money habits and savings ideas. My son is a little over this age but asks me questions like do I have a fixed or adjustable mortgage and studied “The Big Short” and had a million questions.

  4. I think teaching about budgeting and money as early as possible will implement good spending habits. It will be beneficial for them for life!

  5. Teaching you kids wise spending habits and how to save is such an important lesson. One that will stick with them for their entire lives. It’s never too early to learn about money.

  6. It is so important to teach kids how to manage their money. I will have to pick up this little book.

  7. I think this is such an important topic. My girls know how much I try to save money. They have been doing the same. I want them to always know to save when you can.

  8. I grew up not really learning anything about money, as a result I struggled with a lot of debt throughout my early adulthood. I think it is very important to start teaching kids about money at a young age. It’s so valuable to teach kids about budgeting and saving.

  9. We LOVE the Piggy Bank Book over here, and the kids are already in a bit of a positive competition to see who can save the most money the fastest!

  10. I’m going to have to check this out. My kids are clueless about how to handle money. I guess because I’m not that great at it, it can be a family lesson.

  11. Something kids these days need. So many young kids don’t know value of money, and only want the things..which are all pricey.

  12. Money matters are really sensitive and kids should know how to manage them effectively. Really great post.

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