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With spring baseball season just around the corner, I’ve already started planning for what I need to do to have a smooth sports season. From trying on last year’s cleats ahead of time to pulling the bat bag out from it’s winter hibernation in the garage to making sure that I’m stocked up with plenty of water for practices and games- I’m hoping to be more prepared this season than I have been in the past. (So I can avoid an issue like I had last year when I discovered on the first day of fall baseball practice that Jake’s cleats didn’t fit from the spring season that had just ended a few months before!)

My boys play sports year round which means I’m also responsible for team snacks at least once a month or so. That’s just one more thing to think about during our busy spring sports season when I’m balancing the schedules of two baseball teams and a soccer team (along with all of their other activities and school events). This year I decided to buy a small cooler that was the perfect size to hold enough water bottles for the team so that I could have drinks for snack time ready to go.

And because I’m a crazy sports mom I decided to decorate the cooler a bit to show my team spirit :)

Materials needed to decorate the cooler:

  • 1 to 2 cheer bows in the sport of your choice (or thick ribbon in the sport of your choice)
  • Sports themed stickers

Tie the bows on the handle of the cooler and put the stickers on where you’d like to. I used two big cheer bows on the handle, a “baseball” sticker on the front of the cooler, and then put a long scrapbook sticker that looked like the lace of a baseball on the handle of the cooler.

I also personalized the water bottles and had fun sports themed bottles in just minutes.

Materials needed to decorate/personalize the water bottles:

  • Colorful paper
  • Foam sports sticker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Marker (optional for personalizing)

To decorate the water bottles cut strips of paper about the size of the label on the bottles. Tape the paper on to the bottle and add a foam sports sticker to the front. To personalize the water bottles even more you can write the name or initials of each child on the ball of their label.

I also went to Sam’s Club and bought a 40 pack of Nestlé® Pure Life® Water (available in select Sam’s Club stores, ask your Club Manager about getting Nestlé Pure Life Water in your store if it’s unavailable.). I like that I get 40 bottles for the price of 35! Nestlé Pure Life Water is filtered through a 12-step quality process and enhanced with a unique blend of minerals so it tastes delicious and refreshing.

I keep the cooler stocked with water and bags of snacks in the car so now all I have to do the day I’m snack mom is grab some ice or ice packs, stick them in the cooler and head to the game. The cooler sits near the dugout and I’m ready with cold waters and a snack for the kids when they are done playing their game.

How are you getting ready for spring sports season?


  1. You will definitely be the Team Mom MVP with this cooler and those water bottles! #client

  2. You are a lot more creative than I am! I would totally hire you to do all my sports stuff. Your kids must love how creative you are with decorations on their waters and the cooler! It’s awesome.

  3. That is such an adorable bow you added to the cooler! I love how you decorated the water bottles. I bet the kids just love when it’s your turn to be snack mom!

  4. What a fun idea for snack day! Water is always my go-to when it’s my turn too!

  5. What a cute idea to print baseballs on the water bottles! I bet the kids loved your snack!

  6. What a cute way to show your team spirit! I love how you even thought to decorate the handle. Super cute!

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    I love the water bottle label ideas. It is such a fun way to personalize snack time for the team.

  8. That is such a fun idea. I love the water bottle labels plus adding a bow to the ice chest really makes you the most valuable team mom ever.

  9. Jeni Hawkins says

    This is such a cute idea. I will have to do this next time Im in charge of snacks.

  10. Something so simple is definitely special. Such an awesome idea.

  11. I love this! My daughter plays softball, so I’m going to use this idea!

  12. I like the bow. That’s a great touch on the cooler. Hard to believe that baseball season is almost back upon us.

  13. What a fun way to celebrate spring and baseball season! I love it. Would be great for a birthday party too.

  14. Totally going to have to steal this idea for baseball. Such a cute and fun snack idea. Thanks!

  15. This is such a cute idea. I know you would be my favorite for bringing water and not soda or juice!

  16. Such useful tips for my daughter’s next game! (Not to mention how cute the designs are!!) :D

  17. Seriously you are more creative than me, well I love the water bottle label ideas :) :)

  18. You are a great sports mom. I like that you decorated the cooler to fit the sport.

  19. Having cold water for after the game is a great idea. Personalizing the water bottles is a great idea.

  20. Mary Cummings says

    You really know how to add the fun to baseball games. Great ideas for sports Moms. Cold water is the best drink refreshment for all.

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