Help Kids Learn Phonics & Spelling With The Wonster Words App

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We love discovering new smartphone apps for the kids and the best ones, in my opinion, are ones that have a learning aspect to them. I feel like children are more likely to want to learn if learning is fun. Wonster Words, a free iOS and Android app, is definitely one of those games that kids enjoy playing and parents love because they see their kids learning.

In Wonster Words, kids will have a blast playing with animated letters to put together words through interactive spelling puzzles, letter hide-and-seek, and other engaging mini-games. The animated letters sound out the phonics, gliding vowels, and consonant blends as they are being played. Once the words are complete, then short animations and mini-games tells the story of the words via a group of adorable Wonster characters!

You can see the game in action in this video below:

I think this game is a great way to help children learn to sound out words and learn basic word families. Since children learn in a variety of ways, I think the addition of fun clips about the words just reinforce what the children are learning. The fact that the clips are silly and make children laugh is great.

Another thing I like is that the app encourages kids to engage and explore, with no scoring, quizzing, or limits. My youngest, who is on the Autism Spectrum, stresses out when he feels rushed through learning activities so the fact that he can just play without worrying about losing or running out of time is perfect. Though this game is for ages 3-6 typically, I think it’s also an app that’s useful and fun for older children on the Spectrum (or with other special needs) who are still learning to read. Lucas is seven and I saw an online review from someone with a nine year old on the Spectrum saying he enjoyed it as well.

Wonster Words has won numerous awards, including Children’s Technology Review, Parent’s Choice, NAPPA, and others. It comes with many free words, along with free daily “words of the day”. More words are available through in-app purchases (but don’t worry because the purchases are parent-gated so your child can’t make any purchases). The app updates monthly with more words so your child can continue learning and having fun.

Want to try Wonster Words? Download it for free using the following links:

Also, though the app is free, there is a “pro” version available with all the words unlocked. This “all access pass” is discounted on Google Play right now! You can get it for $9.99 until 1/6/2017 (the regular price of the “all access” app is $14.99.)


  1. Wonster sounds like a great app. Phonics is a great system once the kids get the hang of it, but it’s getting the hang of it that can be tricky for some kids.

  2. I wish this was around when my kiddo was younger he would love this! I would love how educational it is and he would love the fun games.

  3. This would be perfect for my son who is learning his letters and reading. I’m going to check this out for sure!

  4. This looks like a fantastic app for my friend’s little one to try. I will have to share this with her. Kids always learn more when they are having fun.

  5. This looks like a great app for kids. Making learning fun is an excellent way to keeps kids engaged.

  6. My little guy has this app. He loves it! And puzzingo too.

  7. Wonster sounds and looks like a super fun app. i know my friends kiddies would love it.

  8. Teaching youngsters Phonics seem to be a challenge for some parents. I’m sure this app will be a valuable tool for kids to learn Phonics!

  9. This would have been great to have when my kids were in school.

  10. Oh my gosh! Thanks for sharing this. I have a preschooler and have been looking for a good app I can get so she can learn more! She loves my phone, but usually wants to play on Snapchat.

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