Just Be Good To Each Other

I believe that one of the most important things we can do is to simply be kind to each other. Can you imagine a world where kindness is commonplace? How amazing would that be?! I’m proud to partner with CustomInk on this sponsored post to share about their Be Good to Each Other campaign because it unites people of all ages and promotes kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

This month, CustomInk is encouraging people to take a stand against bullying by wearing custom bullying prevention t-shirts that promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Their special lines of shirts, created with the help of a number of celebrity supporters, have positive and motivational messages on them that reinforce self-worth while promoting acceptance in a personal, yet unifying way. T-shirt sayings include: “Be Daringly Different,” “Be Humble,” “Be Dynamic,” “Be Unbreakable.”

Want to get creative and design your own bullying prevention gear? You can also support the cause by designing your own custom bullying prevention t-shirts to wear with family or friends, or for your children’s school, club, or team. Check out the customizable templates for inspiration or to get started. I’ve created personalized shirts through CustomInk before and it was such a simple, fun process that only took me five minutes to do!

Now through October 31st, CustomInk will donate profits from the sales of bullying prevention t-shirts to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to help in its effort to engage, educate, and unite communities nationwide. It’s a great cause to support!

These special edition t-shirts are available for purchase, ranging from $12-$27, here.


  1. This is a great anti-bullying campaign. Too many children are bullied in school every day.

  2. What a great campaign! At my daughter’s school they wear TShirts that have kind sayings. It is to help remind them to be kind to one another with their words and actions.

  3. What a great campaign! And I love your top pick t-shirt. I’d totally wear that to show my support for the campaign.

  4. Brent Arceneaux says

    I love this message! Bullying is a terrible terrible thing that needs immediate addressing. I always teach my children to be kind and respectful toward others.

  5. This is such a great campaign! By this way, we can both prevent bullying and teach children to treat others well! That’s a nice shirt! We can put some stand-out colors to make the meaning of the shirt stronger!

  6. Such a great campaign. I do hope it will gain many good results. Thank you for inspiring us and sharing this meaningful thing.

  7. I love the message of this meaningful campaign. Bullying at school is such a big problem as always. I’ll check out the customizable templates to show my support. Thanks for this sharing!

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