DIY No-Sew Heating Pad {And Other Period Necessities}

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I’m usually always on the go. From my kid’s activities and sports to volunteering to running errands, I’m normally not home that often. I love it that way but I find there are a couple days of the month that I just want to sit and relax. Ladies, can any of you guess what days those are?

If you guessed the day before “Aunt Flo” comes to town and the day my period starts you’d be correct. {And I’m going to guess 99% of you had the right answer lol.} Normally focused on others, these two days every month I experience so much discomfort that I just want to focus on myself and have some much needed “me” time. What matters to me on these days is just relaxing as much as possible. There is nothing better than relaxing on the couch in my pajamas with some chocolate and a good television show to distract me from the pain of my cramps.

I’ve learned that I can relax even more when I have feminine products that I can rely on. I typically switch between tampons and pads based on how heavy my period is at the time and what I’m doing. If I’m going out I generally use a tampon and a liner but if I’m sitting around at home, or it’s a lighter day, I prefer a pad. I’ve come to really like the U by Kotex® line of pads and liners. Their colorful packing is just so fun and they are comfortable because they are thin and not bulky but I feel confident wearing them.

One other thing I’d consider a “must have” during the first couple days of my period is a good heating pad. My old one stopped working a few months back so I decided to make my own. This one is easy to make, uses only 3 or 4 materials and does not require sewing. Below are the materials needed and directions to make it.


*Fabric (2 pieces, each 18in X 21in)



*Essential Oils (optional)

(A note about the fabric… you want to use 100% cotton or fleece material. Since you are heating this in the microwave you don’t want to use any materials with metal or synthetic fibers. You can buy new fabric pieces (which is what I did- look at the clearance fabric) or upcycle an old clothing item you already have (in which case you’d have to measure it out to make sure you have enough fabric.)


1) Take one piece of fabric and fold it in half with the printed sides inside

2) Cut slits, about an inch and a half long and a half inch wide, along the side opposite the folded side

3) Tie the top fringe piece and the bottom fringe piece together, making a knot, and repeat along the whole side

4) Since this will be filled with rice, go through and tie the pieces of fringe together with other pieces near them, making more knots and tightening the pieces together so there are no holes in between

5) Turn the fabric right side out so all the fringe pieces are now on the inside

6) Now you want to repeat steps 3-5 on one of the ends (though I’d recommend you cut your fringe pieces 2 inches long

7) Once that is done you are ready to insert the rice so lay your second piece of fabric on the table and put a pound or two of rice in the middle of it

8) (Optional) If you’d like to add a few drops of essential oils you can do so now (I chose a lavender scent)

9) Wrap the rice up in a packet by folding the fabric around it

10) Insert the rice “packet” inside the cover you were making

11) Finish the heating pad by doing the same steps you did for the opposite side

It’s now ready to use! Heat it up in the microwave for a minute or so. (Please note: microwaves vary so you’ll have to experiment to figure out how much your’s needs to heat it for. Please be careful not to leave it in too long you burn yourself. I also recommend using the heating pad over your clothes so the clothes act as a barrier.)

Once you have made your heating pad, it’s almost time to relax. Get a sweet (or salty!) treat and your favorite television show ready. Before you change into your coziest pajamas don’t forget to grab a pad or liner from the bathroom. I am loving U by Kotex®’s NEW Style ‘N Store Packs with their fun colors and designs (there are four to choose from). Best of all they look like cute storage solutions so they can be left out on the counter. No more digging in the cabinet to find one. They even have a convenient drawer built-in. (The Type-A part of me is LOVING this organization!)

I found my Style ‘N Store Packs at Walmart in the feminine care aisle. I bought both pads and liners in these new packs. The U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Ultra Thin Pads are designed for fast absorption to help stop leaks and they stay secure with uniquely shaped Tru-Fit® wings. The U by Kotex® Barely There® Liners are made to feel like your underwear so you can stay clean and fresh but they are so comfortable you’ll barely know it’s there!

If you like to save money (hello, you shop at Walmart for a great deal so I know you do!) you will be excited to learn that there is currently a SNIPP offer going on now through 9/30/16. If you purchase 2 packs of U by Kotex® products at Walmart (any variation) you are eligible for a reward. Just text UbyKotex to 811811 and upload a photo of your receipt. Then go to and register to choose your customized reward! Isn’t that fabulous?

When I’m on my period what matters to me is taking “me” time to relax. I’d love to hear ‘What Matters to U’! Please leave a comment below and on social media (using the hashtag- #WhatMatterstoU) and let me know! Make sure to try out the new Style ‘N Store Packs from U by Kotex®, too!


  1. This is great, Alicia! Just the other day my daughter asked me how to make one of the no sew heating pads and I didn’t know. I am going to show her your tutorial.

  2. Love the no sew heating pad. I need to make this for myself. Also love Kotex. It’s my go-to brand.

  3. Oh, that is a cute idea!! I need to make this for my daughter!!

  4. I love these, but hate to sew! This makes it easier to make!

  5. That looks great! I don’t normally have a bad period, but when I do have a bad one, it is sssooo bad.

  6. I think that’s so great. Not only is it easy to make; rice really holds the heat well. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. This is a great idea! I accidentally washed my rice bag so I need a new one.

  8. I need to make some of these. I could really use them. I get migraines a lot, and I hear this work well for those too.

    • Alicia Marie says

      Yes, you can use this on your head as well. I’m sure the heating pad coupled with some rest will work wonders!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I never knew you could microwave rice in heating pads like this. I have *that* time of the month now, with a migraine, so I can certainly use one of these! #client

  10. Very cute heating pad tutorial. I’m preparing to teach my granddaughter to sew and this is perfect. While I no longer worry about a period I do love U by Kotex® liners and a good deal!

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love this heating pad idea. I will have to make a few this weekend with my Daughter. They would be great for a few things.

  12. I love this heating pad idea. I am going to get the supplies I need to make one. It looks so easy to make.

  13. Amy Desrosiers says

    These pads are some of the best. I love how thin they are and the colored packaging makes them cuter!

  14. Thanks for the idea of the no sew heat pack. It looks simple and easy. It is also cute and makes a great gift idea!

    • Alicia Marie says

      I never thought about giving it as a gift but that’s a great idea! I could see this as part of a “period survival” gift basket for a friend :)

  15. I definitely like the no sew part. This is such a great all natural heating pad.

  16. Not so hard sounding. I might give it a try too! The packaging for those pads is cute too.

  17. What a smart idea! Great for that certain time of the month right? Haha!

  18. Oh my gosh, this is seriously adorable! I get cramps so bad and having a heating pad like this will help! Thank you.

  19. Love the no sew heating pad. Very clear directions and super easy to make! I might get on this little craft today :)

  20. Ashley Mullins says

    Who knew it could be so easy! Thanks for the step by step instructions! No sew is right up my alley!

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