Where To Find Actually Free Apps {With No In-App Charges!}

The other day I opened up the credit card bill to find charges from an app. Turns out Jacob asked Sinisa if he could get some “gems” for a dragon game and Sinisa said yes, thinking it was just a one time charge and not realizing that it was something that Jacob had to keep buying in the game. Sinisa was sitting with Jacob and noticed him buying more so he shut it down, but not until after a handful of purchases. By that time, Jacob had racked up almost $50 in charges with just four in-app purchases! It’s crazy how fast those little things can add up so that’s why I’m thankful to have discovered Amazon Underground. I will never have to worry about our credit card bill when the boys play apps and games from Amazon Underground because everything is FREE.

Yes, a lot of games claim they are free but then have in-app purchases. Amazon Underground has games that are actually free, with no in-app purchases at all. Unlimited lives, levels, upgrades – everything!

There are tons of apps to choose from once you download Amazon Underground. I was excited to see a great photo editing app that is $4.99 in the other app stores but free in Amazon Underground. Jacob scanned through the list of games and there were a bunch that interested him. We chose to download “Jetpack Joyride” for him to play.

He got to a point while playing, where he had the opportunity to buy coins and he was laughing and saying “mom look!” when he saw that he could buy more coins for $0. He thought that surely it must be a mistake because he always has to pay or continue playing to get more coins and other things in all the other games he’s played. He was so excited to find that he could get more coins for free.

Along with enjoying 100% free apps and games, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows from Amazon Video on your Android phone with Amazon Underground. My family is really enjoying the app and the freedom it allows us to play what we want, without having to worry about unexpected charges.

Want to try the app out for yourself? Download the Amazon Underground app from your Android smartphone HERE.

Reading this on a laptop? Go HERE and follow the on-screen instructions.


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8 thoughts on “Where To Find Actually Free Apps {With No In-App Charges!}”

  1. This is just another reason why Amazon is amazing! This is perfect for my friends who have kids that like to play on their mommy and daddy’s phones. Plus free is always the way to go if possible! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. I love free apps. Those are the only kinds I’ll actually get too. I’ve never paid for an app before. I always go for the free ones.


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