50 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

The boys have been on Spring Break this week and every single day it has been raining or snowing. I’ve had to be creative and think of activities to keep them busy so I figured I’d share the ideas with you all in case you are stuck inside as well. The first think I’d suggest is creating a rainy day box filled with toys, craft materials and snacks that only comes out on a rainy day.

Here are 50 activities to keep the kids busy indoors:

1) Build a pillow fort

2) Make your own musical instruments

3) Bake cookies

4) Paint a picture

5) String cheerios on yarn to make bracelets

6) Play a card game

7) Do a science experiment

8) Learn to juggle

9) Read books

10) Build a block tower

11) Have an indoor scavenger hunt

12) Go through toys and find some to donate

13) Turn on music and have a dance party

14) Create a robot with recycled materials

15) Play I-Spy

16) Take a bubble bath

17) Play dress up

18) Make decorations for the house (like a paper chain)

19) Play a board game

20) Write a story

21) Play Simon Says

22) Make and play with playdough

23) Race cars along the floor

24) Play follow the leader

25) Play “grocery store” with empty food containers & pretend money

26) Play with balloons

27) Make your own puzzle- color a picture, cut it into pieces and then try to put it back together

28) Make a hopscotch on the floor with masking tape

29) Use a large box to make a car or boat

30) Learn how to sign your name

31) Play LEGOs (check out these 30 LEGO learning activities)

32) Finger paint in the bath tub

33) Make trail mix for a snack

34) Use your finger to draw pictures in shaving cream or whipped cream

35) Make a mask out of a paper plate

36) Stomp on bubble wrap

37) Make a bowling game with empty bottles/cans and a soft ball

38) Do jumping jacks

39) Make paper bag puppets and have a puppet show

40) Wash toys in the sink

41) Play charades

42) Make a picture frame with popsicle sticks

43) Make and fly paper airplanes

44) Create silly rhymes about the rain

45) Gather a bunch of items and see if they sink or float

46) Make a suncatcher with contact paper and tissue paper

47) Have a movie marathon

48) Make an indoor obstacle course

49) Make a gift or card for someone else

50) Take a nap

Also, if the weather is nice out, consider going outside and playing in the rain!

What ideas do you have to keep kids busy on rainy days?

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