How To Make A Rainy Day Box

When I taught preschool I had a box in my classroom closet known as the “rainy day” box. This box only came out on days that we were stuck inside due to rain or extreme heat. Now that I am a mom I wanted to make a rainy day box for my children and since today is supposed to be about 100 degrees I thought the timing couldn’t have been better.

Jacob helping me shop


I think Walmart is starting to get ready for Back to School Season…. lol

I headed to Walmart with my children to get all the supplies I needed. I debated between a cardboard box and a large clear bin to keep everything in. I thought the box would be easier to decorate but the bin would be sturdier so in the end I chose to put the items in a clear bin. See more pictures of my shopping trip in my Google+ story. Once home I gathered all of the supplies I needed to decorate our rainy day box.

The supplies I gathered

Supplies Needed:

Clear Bin (Or Medium Sized Cardboard Box)

Small Letter Cutouts

Elmer’s Dot Runner

X-ACTO Basic Shape Templates

Painters Opaque Paint Markers

Re-positionable Designer Masking Tape

How To Recreate My Box:

Use the Designer Masking Tape around the edge of the bin lid and also around the lower half of the clear bottom bin.


Punch out the letters that you will be using. Flip each letter over and run the Elmer’s Dot Runner along the back of each letter. Then stick the letters on to the lid in the locations you’d like them to be. I chose to put the words “Rainy Day Box” in the middle of my lid.


Next, it’s time to use the Painters Markers. These need to be shaken well and the tip of the marker pressed down and held down until the paint starts flowing.


Take out the X-ACTO shape templates and use your Painters Paint Marker to outline a circle.


I chose to do one color at a time, wiping off the template in between colors.


The lid all finished. I was tempted to add more spots to it but didn’t.


Once the bin was finished it was time to fill it up.


The bin is ready!

You can put anything in your bin that you think your children would enjoy. I added toys and craft supplies that would only come out on these rainy or hot days. I also added in a box of Macaroni & Cheese and {nutritious} cookies so that even lunch would be fun!

What would you put in your rainy day box?


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14 thoughts on “How To Make A Rainy Day Box”

  1. Great idea! I think every savvy Mom should have a rainy day box or two for their kids. They get so excited to see what is inside… and often forget the next time what goodies are waiting inside. Thanks for sharing. Your box is adorable!

  2. I think that this is a wonderful idea. I teach special ed (primary) and I have several activities and games we only play when it is raining and we can’t go to the playground. Heads Up, Seven Up comes to mind.

  3. I think this is a great idea. I am sure we all have heard “I am bored” when it raining. Your design is bright and colorful. I am sure it will keep kids busy for quite a while.

  4. Excellent! This will make those dreary “unfun” days very special to kids, especially if the crafts/toys are to be used on rainy days ONLY! Can you imagine your child eagerly asking, “When’s it going to rain again???”

  5. This is a great idea! I think we’ll make one and keep it in the trunk of the car so we have a busy box readily available when we go to meetings or places that are not kid friendly. Thank you for sharing.

  6. That is a great idea! I think I will make one to give to my granddaughter when she is a little older (toddler now). Thank you for the suggestions! :)

  7. Great idea! It’s a rainy day craft in itself! I have crafting stuff for the kids, but it’s just in a small tote in my closet. Decorating each of them a smaller box that they can take out on their own is a splendid idea!


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