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(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.)
What is the one thing that keeps you from going out on a date with your significant other? For me, it’s childcare. Gone are the days that we can just decide to go out on a date and leave. Further complicating things for my family is the fact that we need someone who is qualified and has experience with children who have special needs. We can’t just call up the neighbor girl down the street when we want to go out. That’s why I’m thankful for services like Chime which was created by the same people who brought us Sittercity.
Chime sitters are hand-picked by the experts at Sittercity and each goes through a vetting process. Before being considered for the service, each sitter has to fill out an application, have an in-person evaluation, go through an enhanced background check, have their identity verified and go through a social media screening. Not every sitter makes the cut. In fact, out of every five that apply, only one gets in! I love knowing that there is a strict vetting process.
When it comes to finding the right sitter for your family, parents can view each sitter’s experience, reviews and ratings, video profiles and interviews prior to choosing right on the app or website. Sitters typically contact families beforehand (via phone or email) to get more information about the kid(s) and learn more about the family prior to the anticipated babysitting date. The family can ask the sitter any extra questions they have and can feel completely comfortable knowing they’ve chosen the right match for their family.
When it comes to date night, you can go out and enjoy the evening. When you come home payment is a breeze and no cash is needed (am I the only one who never seems to have cash when I need it?!) Payment is processed automatically via credit card through the app or website. Hourly fees vary per city with Chicago being just $14/hour and NYC being $17/hour. Have more than one kid? Each additional child is just $1/hour. That is a reasonable fee to pay when you live in the city and considering how easy the process is and how much vetting the sitters go through it’s little to pay for peace of mind. I should mention that there are no subscription fees and Chime is completely commitment-free.
Want to enjoy a date night of your own? Use coupon code MOMMYTIME at their website HelloChime.comThe code is for a $100 credit and will expire on 7/31/16. (Please note: Chime is currently in Boston, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C)

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