This Weekend I Broke Lots Of My “Mom Rules”

I’m proud to announce that I am partnering with Similac in their “Sisterhood of Motherhood” #UniteMonday campaign. I love that this campaign aims to unite moms and am happy to share my stories in hopes that you all will share yours, too because we are all alike more than we are different!

So this weekend Sinisa came home after being out of town for work since June 22nd with only a two day visit in that whole time (while I was attending a conference). I was literally counting down the minutes until his arrival because I was ready to have him home. Not only did I miss him but this parenting thing is hard solo!

When the kids woke up Saturday morning they ran right to daddy. They had missed him so much. I was so happy and thankful he was home that I broke a lot of self-imposed “mom rules” this weekend. Here are five things that I should feel guilty about this Monday morning but don’t:

1) My kids stayed up late this weekend. We had nothing scheduled for the mornings like we normally do so Saturday night we stayed out late at the Amusement Park and last night we stayed up late watching a movie together.

2) My kids ate a lot of junk. Saturday morning started with doughnuts, then after lunch it was a funnel cake sundae and dinner was found in the drive-thru. Sunday wasn’t much better but at least we got some veggies and fruit in them.

3) My kids spent most of Sunday watching tv and playing video games. Normally I try to limit this a bit but since this is how they bond with daddy I let it go.

4) My kids didn’t bathe Saturday. Or Friday. Or since they’d been at the pool on Thursday afternoon with camp. At least they got a nice long one yesterday though!

5) I didn’t follow through with punishments. Normally I try to not give consequences for bad behaviors unless I’m prepared to follow through on them but this weekend I just didn’t feel like doing that. After over a month of having to be in charge of correcting behavior I just wanted to be the “good” guy this weekend.

I may have had a lot of “fails” this weekend but I am proud of myself because I got out from behind the camera and took a family portrait. Sadly it’s been a while since our last one. I’m choosing to focus on that accomplishment and the fun times my family enjoyed this weekend instead of the things I think I should have done differently.

How was your weekend? Any “mom rules” you bent? No judgement here! Let the guilt go… :)

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