Date Night Ideas {One For Every Week Of The Year}

One of my goals for 2015 is to go on a date with Sinisa once a month. Since our {rare} date nights normally consist of dinner and a movie I thought it was time to do a little brainstorming and come up with some unique date ideas so we had a little variety. Of course I had to enlist the help of my newest blog contributor to get a male perspective. {It’s actually a funny story because when I finally climbed into bed last night he was half asleep and I was chattering on and on about this blog post idea I had and texting him date night ideas lol.}

Here are 52+ fun date night ideas that we came up with- one for every week of the year! Our goal is to do at least one a month and share about our experience :)

1) Go ice skating

2) Head to the library and check out some books about destinations you’d like to visit and then plan a trip together

3) Cook dinner together and have a romantic candlelight dinner

4) Pretend you are tourists in your own town and head to the number 1 tourist attraction.

5) Go on a picnic

6) Volunteer together

7) Take a dance class together

8) Go to a wine tasting

9) Visit a local museum

10) Have a game night and each pick your favorite board game to play

11) Go to a drive in movie

12) Make pizza together and practice tossing the dough

13) Go on a short train ride and explore a neighboring town

14) Find a big hill and go sledding on a snowy day

15) Workout together

16) Go tailgating and cheer on your favorite team

17) Find somewhere far from city lights and stargaze together

18) Bake cookies together and decorate a cookie for the other person

19) Walk around an arboretum or flower garden

20) Work on a diy project around the house together

21) Go shopping for each other! Go to Walmart or Target and head in different directions with a plan to meet at the front of the store in 30 minutes. Your goal? To each find a gift for the other under $5. Once you are in the car or back at home give the gift to the other and explain why you bought the item. (This date idea came from my college roommate!)

22) Get a couples massage

23) Go bowling. Whoever loses has to make dinner for the other.

24) Find the perfect spot to watch the sunset (or sunrise!)

25) Go on a bike ride

26) Take a cooking class

27) Write each other love notes and then read them to each other

28) Go camping

29) Go out for coffee and people watch

30) Take a cooking class

31) Buy a canvas and paint and spend the evening creating a masterpiece together

32) Play a game of mini-golf

33) Go on a double date with friends

34) Go on a day trip with no destination planned. Enjoy the ride as you drive through nature and stop at places that look interesting

35) See a live show

36) Get dressed up in your Sunday best and go out for brunch

37) Rent a foreign language romance without subtitles and create your own translations of what they are saying just based on their body movements and facial expressions

38) During the holidays, drive around to look at Christmas lights. Don’t forget the hot cocoa and the Christmas music

39) Go to a sporting event, like a baseball game

40) Turn some romantic music on and dance together in your living room

41) Go to an open mic poetry night. If you are brave get on stage and read poetry you wrote

42) Head to the beach on a warm day

43) Stay overnight at a B&B

44) Visit a nearby lake and go paddle boating

45) Spend the evening in front of the fireplace

46) Take a walk, hand in hand

47) Go roller skating- old school!

48) Go to a free concert at your local park

49) Take a trip to your local thrift store and pick out an outfit for each other

50) Take a boat tour or walking tour of your town or one nearby

51) Visit your local Farmer’s Market or county fair

52) Go to the pumpkin patch in the Fall and then carve pumpkins

53) Spend a whole day in bed together


What would you add? I’d love to hear your date night ideas!

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