Fabulous {And Safe!} Fall Fun With Our Springfree Trampoline

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Springfree Trampoline but all thoughts are my own.)

Ever since I was a kid I wished I had a trampoline in my backyard. It always looked like so much fun but we never had one because traditional trampolines aren’t very safe. I never understood the dangers when I was a kid but now, as a mom, I’m very nervous every time my kids go to someone’s house with a trampoline. Every time they’d bounce near the edge I would take a deep breath in anticipation and then let it back out once they landed on the trampoline and bounced back towards the middle.

I thought we’d never have a trampoline until I learned about Springfree Trampoline. Finally the fun of a trampoline was combined with the safety that mom needed to see. Boy were my kids excited the day the trampoline was installed!

The boys have enjoyed jumping on it and I have enjoyed being able to watch them jump without worrying that they were going to fall off and get hurt. If you have never heard of Springfree trampolines check out this video to learn more:

Why is Springfree safer than a traditional trampoline? Let’s compare the two!

Safety and fun! What could be better?



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