Fun Active Halloween Games For Kids

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Can you believe that it’s mid-October already!? Halloween is just around the corner, which means the planning of spooktacular parties is in full gear! Since this holiday involves lots of sweets, I like to make sure my kids are getting in extra activity this time of year to keep them healthy and balanced. I planned a little party for my kids, niece and nephew recently and am also helping plan Luke’s classroom party for Halloween day so I’ve been brainstorming some fun, active activities to incorporate. There are lots of great craft ideas online to keep the kids busy at the party but not a whole lot of play ideas so I wanted to share some of my favorite, spooky ways to keep kids active.

One game we played at our little Halloween party was a basic ring toss game, but we added a Halloween twist by having the kids throw rings onto “witch’s hats.” We bought our set but you can easily make one yourself by getting black construction cones and decorating them to look like a witch’s hat.

Another fun game that I used to play growing up is called “Ghost in the Graveyard.” It’s definitely a game you can play year round, but its name perfect for a spooky Halloween party. We’d wait until the sun went down and then play a version of hide and seek where one person (the “ghost”) would hide while all the other players would look for him or her. Once a player found the “ghost,” they’d yell “ghost in the graveyard!” and everyone would run back to base while the “ghost” tried to tag them. Whoever the ghost tagged was the next person to hide. This is a great game to play with kids who are a little bit older and need to release lots of energy.

For the younger crowd, a game of “Pin the Mouth on the Skeleton” gets lots of giggles. There are several different Halloween-themed varieties of this game, including “Pin the Broom on the Witch” or “Pin the Leg on the Spider.” To kick up the activity level a notch, have the kids spin each other around and then try to place the piece on the right spot while blindfolded. It adds a bit of a challenge to the game and gives them the opportunity to get their bodies moving.

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What are your favorite active games to play during the Halloween season?



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